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Manx Milk


So we’ve been away for Christmas (mastitis all cleared up Thank you) visiting family on the Isle of Man.


We even got to see some nice weather

It was our first flight with a very mobile toddler and it was definitely challenging“. In actual fact the flight it’s self turned out to be fine in both directions due to lucky timing, magic milk and probably an element of movement. He fed and slept for the majority of the short flight and was no trouble at all. The airport was a different matter- lucky we took our Little Life backpack (a prettier version of reins) and tag teamed the chasing. Getting through security was fun,  esp as on the way back we were hurrying due to an EasyJet muck up. And toddler set off the alarm at security so had to have cardigan and shoes removed and be scanned again.

By the time we got onto the planes we were sweaty and frazzled and I was on the brink of tears through stress so we were very grateful that he was calm on the flight.


Pre take off

We aren’t really strict routine people so hence or baby is not either. However the disruption of travelling and being away for a week really got to him and whilst we were away there were too many 11pm bed times-and not all of them after an accidental late afternoon nap. We have been very tired.

Since returning it’s taken a few days to return to “normal” though tonight we suspect croup. Hence I’m awake and blogging whilst propping up my (now sleeping again) baby and keeping an eye on his breathing.

Isle of Man trip was interesting. We’ve not been since baby D arrived and I know from experience that some attitudes there can be slightly “small town” and behind the times- for example they don’t seem to have disability access laws same as England. However I was really pleased to see a number of eateries sporting “breastfeeding welcome” stickers on their doors- Laxey Diner and the cafe at Tynwald Mills to mention two places. Though I don’t feel it’s necessary as it should be welcome everywhere,  it was a nice touch and hopefully means positive bf experiences for all.


Turns out that at Laxey Diner he preferred the chips and we were baby-free during the few hours we visited Tynwald anyway!


fighting my curiosity


Today I am working at home (I’m taking a break for a blog post as I started rather early this morning….).

Today signifies day 1 of The Kitchen. We’ve spent the last week packing up our kitchen utensils into boxes and having increasingly larger supplies of stuff delivered (floor/cooker/units) and I believe we now have 74 boxes in our living room containing parts of kitchen units, plus all the other bits like microwave, dishwasher, oven, flooring and worksurfaces. All the things from inside the old units are in boxes on a tarpaulin in the garden, covered by a dodgy gazebo.

The cat is quite seriously discombobulated. So I am. I got up early this morning as I “thought I heard a skip” arriving, and was unable to go back to sleep. So I had an early and productive start to my working day. I now have two workmen gently unscrewing and bashing the hell out of things. I made them a cuppa (no, not to go and be curious….) to find all the doors off, three units out and a huge chunk of worksurface out. Very impressed with their speed. The stereo has gone on, the cat is under their feet and they seem to be happy. The husband is making a stop-motion film of the kitchen job (using a webcam and a low powered computer to take a picture every 10 seconds for the whole day today to see if it works). Should be really cool to see how it all works. Best bit is seeing just what a terrible job has been done in the first place of our kitchen. The walls are either bare behind the cupboards (with no backs on the cupboards) or sporting some horrible 70’s and 80’s wallpaper…. it’s just horrible. Although we will likely have to paint around the cupboards, at least the walls will be finished and nice behind the units.

I’d like to apologise to Baby D, as it’s room is currently being used as storage.

As is the garden. And the lounge. Help me!

We’ve never done anything like this before, so it’s a new and scary experience!