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Thank mother nature for wonderful people!
I’ll update the holy-goodness-mumsnet-women-are-a-bunch-of-bitter-hags later, but the WONDERFUL ladies from the September 2013 thread have pointed me towards this bizarre and hillarious website PregnantChicken.com.

In particular this post which made me guffaw on the train today:

Porn for Pregnant Ladies…. except the title and some topless men Safe For Work!


You did what?


On Friday night, I laughed so hard I was sick.

We’ve all felt like doing it at some time or another, but I’m sure not that many people have actually experienced it. Hysterical and horrible all at once!

ION I was very excited to have my first, real, non-spam comment on my blog. Sadly it was a mean and angry comment- which whilst I understand the sentiment was rather rude, so I’ve decided not to approve it 😦