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I think I’m finally reaching the point that (to be honest) I thought I’d spend all my pregnancy at. Things are feeling like a real rollercoaster right now- not withstanding my emotions!

After the car accident last week, the insurance company have taken it away for fixing. The chap who hit me turns out not to be insured so that’s fun too. Hopefully insurance plus police will sort that out for us.

It’s been hot, and I’ve been suffering. My nausea has felt much worse on hot days and I’ve struggled a bit to stay with it- especially as it’s hard to sleep. We’ve borrowed an airconditioning unit from a neighbour which means we can at least start the night with a cool ish bedroom (from 28 plus degrees down to 21-22), but it’s noisy to run so we shut it off after that. With an increasingly warm room over the course of the night, hayfever, a neighbours baby crying, thunderstorms and all kinds of other things to wake us up, we’re not getting many good night’s sleep. And so comes the contradictions from parents:

“Get used to it! You won’t get a full night’s sleep for the next 5 years!”

Alternated with:

“Get as much sleep as you can now…..”

The weekend was marginally cooler, so we got about to sorting the rest of the jobs in our new kitchen- painting a second coat on the kitchen, two coats of paint on the dining room (after prepping the flakey walls), putting up new light fittings and a blind and getting everything in place. We worked really hard at it, and by Sunday night it was all looking great.

Monday when I got home from a long hot day at work, I found our fridge-freezer wasn’t working. We spent most the evening consulting google and found our only real hope was leaving it off for a while, then trying again. Which we did. Looks like we might have put it back too close to the wall, meaning that it overheated a little. In the process it blew the bulb in the fridge part, which is very confusing! Thankfully friends came to the rescue, with delivering our old fridge back to us and another friend lending freezer space in their huge chest freezer. Much appreciated. Seems (tentatively) to be working now…. At the time I was not very impressed though, and feeling very emotionally drained.

Baby is still super-active! It’s half brilliant and half wearing and uncomfortable.

Everyone seems to think I look huge for 32 weeks, which is slightly worrying… but never mind.

There are two ladies from my Mumsnet thread (now FB group) who are already in early labour- at 32 and 34 ish weeks…. so I’ve been thinking a lot about them and what they’re going through right now! Must be a bit scary to be pre-term, but I know that the babies have great chances of survival if they do come now, and that drs can do a lot to try to keep the babies in for a bit longer! Good luck to you girls!

Tried to take a nice picture of the two (three?) of us last week, but it was getting a bit dark, I think the camera was at a dodgy angle and of course, the cat photobombed us. Standard really. This was the best!


I’ve been trying to find time to update the hospital bag list, the “things wot we need” list and start to tidy up the baby room (which has been full of diningroom until we finished the decorating on Sunday). I think we’ve got all we need, once our chest of drawers (with changing top) arrives next week.


Guest blogger


I have been a guest blogger!

Take a look over here at the Sustrans Blog for “You’re not still cycling are you?”

Kitchen is coming along well. Took about 2 hours to rip out the old one, then a day or so of electrics and plastering and flooring. Now there’s a nice chap putting together the basic carcasses of the units, and I hope to get a base coat on the walls tonight too. Tomorrow will start the actual fitting of the units, and putting all the trimming and side panels etc on. Very exciting!

Baby is still really active- there was movement almost all day at the desk yesterday (maybe baby is uncomfy with the way I sit?). Got nurse and midwife appointments today to put lots of holes in me. I’m not super brave when it comes to needles but cope just fine, but terrible at having my blood taken, so I hope they’re as gentle today as they have been the rest of the time. I’m looking forwards to being told what position baby is in as it does get into some funny ones! Today I get my whooping cough vaccination, blood tests and the first of my anti-D injections.

Last week I tried an aqua natal class with a lady from pregnancy yoga. It was really good fun and quite hard work (which I like in a class- when you pay for something you expect it to be a bit of a slog, otherwise what is the point!). I’ve been to aqua aerbics classes before which are middle-aged ladies not getting their hair wet whilst doing very little and feeling smug they’re getting some “exercise”.

Just had to turn off breakfast news as they were doing an article of whether breast fed children have more chance of “moving up a class”…. what utter uninteresting non news-worthy rubbish!

I am suffering terrible hayfever this year! I thought I’d get away with it as my anti-sickness drugs are antihistamine based, but actually the season was just a bit late. I may also have a cold, and there’s a lot of workmen/plaster dust around too… so I’m sneezing and coughing like mad. No fun.

Long time, no update!


So the world now know my our exciting news! Reactions have been ovrwhelmingly positive, including many offers of second hand babythings and sympathy for the sickness!

Since telling everyone, we had a pretty busy weekend of seeing people, then I back to the grindstone.

Monday was a washout as there were some serious delays on the trains, and I spent a freezing (literally) hour standing (not many seats at my local station) waiting for my train to leave. It had arrived, but refused to open the doors, let us on into the warm and then leave! I had a bit of a fuzzy funny fainty turn to had to call my lovely husband to pick me up and take me home. Not very successful but I hope to be able to claim the full fare back!

The rest of the week has been pretty busy so far, but I did manage to go for a swim on Monday for the first time since getting pregnant! I only had a short time to squeeze it in as the boys were playing squash but I managed half a km without feeling too ill.

I’ve done lots of walking so far today so I hope I’m managing to stay healthy 🙂

14 weeks now, and time is starting to pass at a normalish pace.

Survived, aftermath


Looks like I survived an exhausting ladies weekend away!

I should always travel with doctors- I was very well looked after and the conversation was fascinating at all times.

I have returned 0.2kg up (Italian focaccia and thick hot chocolate to thank for that) and having spent an entire three days with some nausea but NO VOMITING! I think I got back so late last night that I forgot to take my medicine, and subsequently was sick this morning. Well there’s a longer story than that but it really is a step too far to share.

Wonderful husband cleaned the house top to bottom whilst I was away, though the fridge is bare so we’re getting a takeaway tonight. Baby will be pleased.

We’re onto kumquat this week and finally reached double figures. 10 weeks!

My pregnancy app reminded me that I am 1/4 of the way through now- how terrifying is that? And how did it happen so fast?

And how is September so far away still?

Feeling rubbish/ Going away


I bravely went back to work this week. It was ok. Nothing better than that. But I did survive three whole days- Monday working at home to catch up with staff and emails, Tuesday in East Sussex visiting new staff and Wednesday in Crawley at a meeting. I survived, I wasn’t sick on any of the trains and I now have two days off.

Today has been lovely (seeing friends) and horrific (constantly retching all afternoon). My brain decided this morning that the bread was “off” so I didn’t eat breakfast. Instead I at a few custard creams and drank tea with friends which was utterly lovely (and got to cuddle a very handsome baby who shares my birthday). Weirdly my baby is due on aforementioned handsome baby’s cousin’s birthday!

This afternoon I am packing for a weekend away (how do people do this with just handluggage?! It is impossible!) and enjoying some reminiscing about old friends.

I am also craving fish fingers. Never mind putting them in a sandwich, I’m just gonna eat them.



Finally had my booking in appointment. In fact, just imagine I say “finally” in front of anything that happens in my life from now on, until the sickness leaves me as life is just crawling along at such a snails pace! I suppose this is supposed to be time with which to get used to the concept of being pregnant, so maybe time is conveniantly slowing just for us to readjust…?

More likely is that lying on the sofa groaning does not pass time swiftly…

When you want it
goes away too fast
Times you hate it
always seem to last

So the booking in appointment was a positive experience. Midwife seems nice (if a little scatty which makes her feel human) but very firm. She was also an ANGEL with my blood tests. I hate them at the best of times (last time I had one, as a student I cried before my name was called to see the nurse and I had to lie down for 20 minutes afterwards for fear of passing out). I was especially not looking forwards to a blood test whilst feeling sick- not a great combination. I think we’ve cracked it to be honest. Keep me talking, slow my breathing and have a light fingered nurse take the blood. Sorted.

I’ve been given a huge amount of information to digest, which I’m going to start reading tomorrow. It all looks good- though having said that I’ve done so much reading of NHS online etc the last few weeks I’m hoping there will be no surprises.

Still having up and down days- brighter moments and less good moments. We did pop out to the pub last night to see some friends (where I of course consumed lemonade!), but when we got ready to leave, we stood around a bit too long in our coats and I started feeling really awful. I retched most the way home, but managed to avoid being sick. Winner.

Today I’ve attempted some baking (which hasn’t gone quite to plan) but so much of the day has gone and I’ve not eaten at the right times or rested enough yet! To the sofa. With toast.

(not my actual baking disaster- thank google for this one!)

Tuesdays Child


Today has taught me not to take this NVP lightly, and never take a few good days for granted.

This morning had me retching bile for about 15 minutes out of the blue before I’d even got dressed. Nofair.

I did manage two pancakes (which I ate with home made stewed apples, lemon and sugar- surely a classic combination?) and some cheese and ham with a bit of bread. Only 600 calories or so, but could be considered a meal? I covered most the food groups (cheese, ham, carbs….)

My latest amusement is that my… well…. uterus is starting to stick out! And it’s much lower than I thought it would be. Every time for the last “XXXX” years of my life that I’ve looked in the mirror and though “cor I look a bit pregnant” has been because there’s a little extra fat around my tummy button, or just below it. But now, the bulge is definitely “below the belt”, and it’s fascinating! I wonder if it’s more pronounced because of the weight I have lost over the last 3 weeks or so?

ION, be careful what you wish google for…..

Ok, so raspberry foetus isn’t that big yet, but you get the picture. Maybe a little too literally?

Also, I’ve been erroneously calling the magic bundle of cells a “foetus” because I didn’t yet want to call it a “baby” for the last few weeks, but my secondary school biology lessons have failed me! I think it might be referred to as a blastocyst (?) which sounds horrible! Or maybe it’s a foetus but not an embryo yet? Anyone know the answer?!

This week I found out that the magic-bundle-of-cells will experience the following:

– now resembles a human
– facial features continue to develop
– beginnings of external genitalia form
– anal passage opens, but the rectal membrane is intact
– circulation through the umbilical cord is well developed
– long bones begin to form

Now there’s something to think about……



Today I went food shopping.

Food shopping with morning sickness is a new adventure really. I’m lucky in as much as nothing specific sets me off, and I haven’t gone off any previously favourite foods (though the thought on a gin and tonic turns my tummy!). However, it was a mission in picking-up-things-that-I-thought-I-could-fancy-sometime.

So what did I buy?
-non alocoholic ginger beer
-a box of magnum infinity caramel (incidently, these are disgusting!)
-fresh seafood (which I will cook very diligently before eating)
-Kingsmill 50/50 bread (the thought of white bread and brown bread both currently repulsive)
-two small bottles of diet pepsi (after a lifetime of saying I can’t tell the different between pepsi/coke/diet coke/ pepsi max, I now only like diet pepsi it seems…..)
-haribo tangfastic “chicks” (don’t ask)
-chilli and lime cheese
-cheesy cracker mix
-Glamour magazine

Hm. Not sure that counts as a healthy diet, but luckily all advice in the first trimester says to eat what you feel like (within reason) as your priority is to ensure you can eat something at least.

I’m sure any second now I’ll stop talking about sickness.