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Two weeks!


So baby D officially exists, as we took him to be registered on Monday. We were so worried about the faff of getting a baby out of the house that we ended up being 30 minutes early! Whoops!

I’m glad I got all the feeding woes off my chest early on as it really is extremely stressful. No matter how hard you think it will be, it’s harder. And more frustrating. And add in a serious reduction in sleep… it feels impossible.

Now baby is feeding better, life feels a bit easier. Husband is still home with me at the moment, going back to work on Thursday which will no doubt be really stressful as things all change again. Stressful for us both- and working out a new routine to ensure he’s not to tired to work.

Our current main problem is the night. We saw the (unexpectedly lovely) health visitor today, who says it sounds like classic colic- so we’ve bought some colic drops to see if we can reduce the 4 hours of screaming between 10pm to 2am or 12 midnight to 4am which have been happening the last few nights in a row. Fingers crossed.

Baby was back up to birth weight when weighed last monday, and has put even more weight on now! Phew- even though he’s not fed much today that doesn’t worry me as I know he’s producing wet nappies and has put on lots of weight! 🙂

I finally got around to taking a decent photograph of the three of us today.

Next time I’ll try to get the cat in too!


Saturday night….


It’s a saturday night and I’m editing and uploading photographs of my fast-growing middle!

A friend at a party said yesterday (yes I made it to a party!) that she hadn’t realised how big my bump was from photos… but inr ealisty it only really grew this week! I think it’s now emphasized by lovely maternity clothes- two wonderful friends who are a similar height and size to me kindly dropped of two huge bags of gorgeous maternity clothes for my to borrow. Every woman says it but MY GOODNESS these are the comfiest things I have ever owned. I will never wear real clothes again!

Right, there's a smile

Holy Guacamole.