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I think I’m finally reaching the point that (to be honest) I thought I’d spend all my pregnancy at. Things are feeling like a real rollercoaster right now- not withstanding my emotions!

After the car accident last week, the insurance company have taken it away for fixing. The chap who hit me turns out not to be insured so that’s fun too. Hopefully insurance plus police will sort that out for us.

It’s been hot, and I’ve been suffering. My nausea has felt much worse on hot days and I’ve struggled a bit to stay with it- especially as it’s hard to sleep. We’ve borrowed an airconditioning unit from a neighbour which means we can at least start the night with a cool ish bedroom (from 28 plus degrees down to 21-22), but it’s noisy to run so we shut it off after that. With an increasingly warm room over the course of the night, hayfever, a neighbours baby crying, thunderstorms and all kinds of other things to wake us up, we’re not getting many good night’s sleep. And so comes the contradictions from parents:

“Get used to it! You won’t get a full night’s sleep for the next 5 years!”

Alternated with:

“Get as much sleep as you can now…..”

The weekend was marginally cooler, so we got about to sorting the rest of the jobs in our new kitchen- painting a second coat on the kitchen, two coats of paint on the dining room (after prepping the flakey walls), putting up new light fittings and a blind and getting everything in place. We worked really hard at it, and by Sunday night it was all looking great.

Monday when I got home from a long hot day at work, I found our fridge-freezer wasn’t working. We spent most the evening consulting google and found our only real hope was leaving it off for a while, then trying again. Which we did. Looks like we might have put it back too close to the wall, meaning that it overheated a little. In the process it blew the bulb in the fridge part, which is very confusing! Thankfully friends came to the rescue, with delivering our old fridge back to us and another friend lending freezer space in their huge chest freezer. Much appreciated. Seems (tentatively) to be working now…. At the time I was not very impressed though, and feeling very emotionally drained.

Baby is still super-active! It’s half brilliant and half wearing and uncomfortable.

Everyone seems to think I look huge for 32 weeks, which is slightly worrying… but never mind.

There are two ladies from my Mumsnet thread (now FB group) who are already in early labour- at 32 and 34 ish weeks…. so I’ve been thinking a lot about them and what they’re going through right now! Must be a bit scary to be pre-term, but I know that the babies have great chances of survival if they do come now, and that drs can do a lot to try to keep the babies in for a bit longer! Good luck to you girls!

Tried to take a nice picture of the two (three?) of us last week, but it was getting a bit dark, I think the camera was at a dodgy angle and of course, the cat photobombed us. Standard really. This was the best!


I’ve been trying to find time to update the hospital bag list, the “things wot we need” list and start to tidy up the baby room (which has been full of diningroom until we finished the decorating on Sunday). I think we’ve got all we need, once our chest of drawers (with changing top) arrives next week.


Less positive note


This week has defeated me already, I’m sad to say.

Although I understand on a logical level that pregnancy (like any change to your body or health) affects people differently, however it’s hard not to feel weak, wimpy and pathetic when the symptoms seem to be affecting you in a way that you can’t bare whilst others are up, working, looking after children and probably being cheerful too.

I’ve ended up having to take some time off work with the sickness as I’ve been heavily nauseous from getting up time to the moment I fall asleep, and yesterday I started vomiting too. I’ve tried most of the recommended “treatments”- from ginger ale to dry crackers, to eating small snacks frequently rather than large meals. I’ve tried only eating exactly what I feel like (whether that’s a snicker bar, 4 apples or macaroni cheese), I’ve tried eating plain, high carb low fat snacks. I’ve tried eating first thing before getting up in the morning. I’ve tried being busy to as to distract myself, I’ve tried sipping fizzy drinks, I’ve tried only eating food luke-warm rather than hot. Nothing is working. Or if it does- it’s very short lived- a maximum of ten minutes of respite of feeling relatively normal.

So tomorrow I’ve got a Dr appointment to see if there’s anything they can do to help. I guess an option is anti-emetics but a)I don’t want to put any drugs into my body if I don’t have to and b)I’ve heard that they aren’t so brilliant anyway. I’ve also ordered some travel sickness bands which some people have said help and hopefully they will arrive tomorrow.

In short, I’m feeling utterly rubbish and very pathetic about it. Luckily the internet-fountain-of-all-knowledge-that-is-Mumsnet has come to the rescue with lots of opportunities to discuss symptoms with others in the same position as me. Sounds like there’s a few others out there feeling as crappy as me, without the medical confirmation of something more serious like hyperemesis gravidarum (the more severe version of morning sickness).

To add to that I’ve managed to very quickly loose about 2kg in the last week or so which under normal circumstances would be great (as I’ve been gently losing weight since July last year), but I have been a bit worried under the current circumstances. A quick google tells me it’s pretty normal and doctors don’t normally concern themselves with it which is good news, but I still feel nervous about the combination of the nausea, vomiting and weightloss.