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Guest blogger


I have been a guest blogger!

Take a look over here at the Sustrans Blog for “You’re not still cycling are you?”

Kitchen is coming along well. Took about 2 hours to rip out the old one, then a day or so of electrics and plastering and flooring. Now there’s a nice chap putting together the basic carcasses of the units, and I hope to get a base coat on the walls tonight too. Tomorrow will start the actual fitting of the units, and putting all the trimming and side panels etc on. Very exciting!

Baby is still really active- there was movement almost all day at the desk yesterday (maybe baby is uncomfy with the way I sit?). Got nurse and midwife appointments today to put lots of holes in me. I’m not super brave when it comes to needles but cope just fine, but terrible at having my blood taken, so I hope they’re as gentle today as they have been the rest of the time. I’m looking forwards to being told what position baby is in as it does get into some funny ones! Today I get my whooping cough vaccination, blood tests and the first of my anti-D injections.

Last week I tried an aqua natal class with a lady from pregnancy yoga. It was really good fun and quite hard work (which I like in a class- when you pay for something you expect it to be a bit of a slog, otherwise what is the point!). I’ve been to aqua aerbics classes before which are middle-aged ladies not getting their hair wet whilst doing very little and feeling smug they’re getting some “exercise”.

Just had to turn off breakfast news as they were doing an article of whether breast fed children have more chance of “moving up a class”…. what utter uninteresting non news-worthy rubbish!

I am suffering terrible hayfever this year! I thought I’d get away with it as my anti-sickness drugs are antihistamine based, but actually the season was just a bit late. I may also have a cold, and there’s a lot of workmen/plaster dust around too… so I’m sneezing and coughing like mad. No fun.


25 weeks


Well, 25 weeks tomorrow technically.

Today I’m a bit frustrated as I had my midwife appointment booked in. I turned up to find that the doctors receptionist had booked me in for 3rd July rather than June. They seemed to think that I should know this as the midwife is apparently only in our surgery on Wednesdays, so there was no way it could have been today. However, I knew the appointment needed to be at 24 ish weeks which was actually last week and this was the first date she gave me that I could do! We’ve got me booked in for next Wednedsay, but I am a bit annoyed. I’ve requested my MatB1 form which I need for work (supposed to go to them at 25 weeks I think) and will now be 2 weeks late, and for a letter as we are flying the weekend after next and the airlines can be quite fussy and worried about pregnant people and flying!

We enjoyed a brilliant wedding of close friends at the weekend. The pregnancy somewhat took over:
– I sobbed through my reading
– My breasts have apparently decided to grow and took over all photos of me
– I am still recovering from a late night and a little dancing 2 days later……

Luckily it was gorgeous outside yesterday so I didn’t do too much, though I found myself laughing and crying hysterically last night which was pretty exhausting!

And this is what the bump-o-doom now looks like! I’ve still got ages to go…… how big can I get?

Oh my word.

23 weeks


So far past half way now- how scary!

I feel like my previous second trimester energy is starting to wane! Dammit! I was enjoying being able to do normal things and get on with life, so I’m worried I’ll have to slow down again now.

After weddings and hen parties and visitors, life does quieten down a little over the next few weeks and I can concentrate on getting baby things ready, staying fit and actually getting my head around antenatal classes and things like that.

I have been a bit annoyed that when I’ve tried to look at NHS info here on my local hospitals website the info is very sketchy. We MUST book onto courses… but there’s no information about how to book!

That’s something to ask the midwife about at my 24 week appointment. There’s some other things too, but I must write them down as I keep forgetting!

I’m getting worried- not about the birth but about not being pregnant! I’m now enjoying it. I love being kicked (even when it hurts and keeps me awake), I love my silly round football-under-the-tshirt bump and the new focus in my life it’s given me. I know the baby will hold the focus though!

This week I got to help a friend with a ridiculously large poohsplosion. Her 4 week old baby Grace, whilst feeding, did three massive huge farts in a row, the third of which turned into what I can only describe as stinky liquid gold which was running out of her nappy and down her white tights! Ooops. I was happy to dive in and help, so I think I earnt my stripes. Poor Grace had to be bathed it was so messy! Poor love, but I hope she slept better having got it all out!



Finally had my booking in appointment. In fact, just imagine I say “finally” in front of anything that happens in my life from now on, until the sickness leaves me as life is just crawling along at such a snails pace! I suppose this is supposed to be time with which to get used to the concept of being pregnant, so maybe time is conveniantly slowing just for us to readjust…?

More likely is that lying on the sofa groaning does not pass time swiftly…

When you want it
goes away too fast
Times you hate it
always seem to last

So the booking in appointment was a positive experience. Midwife seems nice (if a little scatty which makes her feel human) but very firm. She was also an ANGEL with my blood tests. I hate them at the best of times (last time I had one, as a student I cried before my name was called to see the nurse and I had to lie down for 20 minutes afterwards for fear of passing out). I was especially not looking forwards to a blood test whilst feeling sick- not a great combination. I think we’ve cracked it to be honest. Keep me talking, slow my breathing and have a light fingered nurse take the blood. Sorted.

I’ve been given a huge amount of information to digest, which I’m going to start reading tomorrow. It all looks good- though having said that I’ve done so much reading of NHS online etc the last few weeks I’m hoping there will be no surprises.

Still having up and down days- brighter moments and less good moments. We did pop out to the pub last night to see some friends (where I of course consumed lemonade!), but when we got ready to leave, we stood around a bit too long in our coats and I started feeling really awful. I retched most the way home, but managed to avoid being sick. Winner.

Today I’ve attempted some baking (which hasn’t gone quite to plan) but so much of the day has gone and I’ve not eaten at the right times or rested enough yet! To the sofa. With toast.

(not my actual baking disaster- thank google for this one!)