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In the heat of the night…


Oh yes it’s been hot!

I spent the weekend “oop north” at a hen do, staying with an old friend which was great. We actually managed to avoid the heat on the whole as her lovely 1920s ish house which stayed wonderfully cool. The hotel we stayed in, however, wasn’t *quite* so cool. And my shower wouldn’t run anything except excruciatingly hot water. My fix? I spent much of the weekend with my feet in a bin filled with cold water! Bliss!

Hayfever+heat+pregnancy however do not make great conditions for sleeping. Luckily I’ve been too exhausted to care many evenings, but this morning our bedroom was very warm. I also had a fat ginger cat curled up next to me…..


Bumpy rides


Been enjoying my bicycle recently as the weather improves. Ok, not enjoying the hayfever, especially without being able to take the drugs required……. but cycling has been superb.

Guest blogger


I have been a guest blogger!

Take a look over here at the Sustrans Blog for “You’re not still cycling are you?”

Kitchen is coming along well. Took about 2 hours to rip out the old one, then a day or so of electrics and plastering and flooring. Now there’s a nice chap putting together the basic carcasses of the units, and I hope to get a base coat on the walls tonight too. Tomorrow will start the actual fitting of the units, and putting all the trimming and side panels etc on. Very exciting!

Baby is still really active- there was movement almost all day at the desk yesterday (maybe baby is uncomfy with the way I sit?). Got nurse and midwife appointments today to put lots of holes in me. I’m not super brave when it comes to needles but cope just fine, but terrible at having my blood taken, so I hope they’re as gentle today as they have been the rest of the time. I’m looking forwards to being told what position baby is in as it does get into some funny ones! Today I get my whooping cough vaccination, blood tests and the first of my anti-D injections.

Last week I tried an aqua natal class with a lady from pregnancy yoga. It was really good fun and quite hard work (which I like in a class- when you pay for something you expect it to be a bit of a slog, otherwise what is the point!). I’ve been to aqua aerbics classes before which are middle-aged ladies not getting their hair wet whilst doing very little and feeling smug they’re getting some “exercise”.

Just had to turn off breakfast news as they were doing an article of whether breast fed children have more chance of “moving up a class”…. what utter uninteresting non news-worthy rubbish!

I am suffering terrible hayfever this year! I thought I’d get away with it as my anti-sickness drugs are antihistamine based, but actually the season was just a bit late. I may also have a cold, and there’s a lot of workmen/plaster dust around too… so I’m sneezing and coughing like mad. No fun.