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Thank mother nature for wonderful people!
I’ll update the holy-goodness-mumsnet-women-are-a-bunch-of-bitter-hags later, but the WONDERFUL ladies from the September 2013 thread have pointed me towards this bizarre and hillarious website PregnantChicken.com.

In particular this post which made me guffaw on the train today:

Porn for Pregnant Ladies…. except the title and some topless men Safe For Work!




Happiness is a tummy button that looks like a smile

Especially when paired with some googly eyes…..

In other fascinating news, I’ve been adding categories to my blog posts on both my blogs (cycling and pregnancy, not done the photography one yet) and getting it up to date and adding widgets etc.

Baby has been sitting uncomfortably all on my right today, with a foot firmly wedged into my ribs. Very active which is wonderful and fun and distracting.

Kitchen is coming along and we even have a microwave we can use! The best bit is there is now space in the living room to move and breathe and the cat is looking much more content.

28 weeks now!
I had my 28 week midwife appointment, in which I was mostly poked holes in. The Nurse did my Whooping Cough vaccine, then I had my anti-D shot and some blood taken. BP was low 102/56 or something, but measured manually rather than with a digital device, but everything else looked good.

Whooping cough vacc did make me feel a bit ill with a heavy arm, but I mostly ignored it to get some work done, then paint a base coat on the kitchen and then go to yoga! I didn’t cycle to yoga as I forgot that the builders had the cupboard key so I couldn’t get my bike out. Felt a bit sicky the day after, so didn’t go to aqua-natal. Hope to make it along next week though.

Picked up some second hand maternity clothes in a bundle from a localish lady this week (thank goodness for having more to wear) and some friends very kindly donated a huge bag of the most beautiful baby clothes I have ever seen! We are so lucky to have such great friends.



Perspective is a funny thing. I’m a photographer, I should know this.

Hillarious picture taken by my husband of 2 big bellies!

I’d like to say that neither of us are really this big. Probably.

Also- Good news is that I found my anti-sickness tablets. And was very sick before they kicked back in again 😦 Ah well, at least I know that when I don’t accidentally throw them in the bin, they work well!

In other news, our entire kitchen has arrived ready for the demolition of the old one on Monday! Eek! The world is not ending. Have perspective. It’s just a lot of boxes and mess and being without a kitchen for two weeks….

Funny…. For you!


I’d like to give you a mentall image to set you up for the day. Ok, so half the day is gone, but that’s half the point.

Today I stayed in bed until 1pm which felt like what I needed. I had got up at about ten to grab some toast, but had eaten it in bed with a grumpy cat pouncing on my tummy as I tried to clear the crumbs from inside my pajamas top.

At one, I made the gargantuan effort required to go and get dressed. I had to try my leggings three times to get them the right way around (like a usb stick) which was a bad start, bit when I got half way into my jumper, I suddenly started retching. Loudly. In my panic I tried to run to the bathroom with my jumper over my head, whilst retching.

Enjoy that. I didn’t!