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The clock is ticking and we can’t stop


I’m totally ready for baby D to drop now!

Everything is squeezed up so high I’ve struggled to eat a full meal and am definitely not managing to get in the calories I should be eating at this stage. I either get indigestion or heartburn/acid reflux. Sometimes all the above if I’m really lucky.

This is making sleeping quite hard at this point- I’m not getting to sleep until well after midnight at the moment which is very unlike me (I’m a bed by 10pm latest kinda girl).

At the other end of the night is my issue with carpal tunnel. When I turn over in the night or go for a drink of water, my hands just don’t work. I have to grip the blanket with my thumb and forefinger and I can’t bend my fingers around the water bottle.

So sleeping doesn’t work too well at the moment.

I’m 36 weeks tomorrow, so I’m sure baby will drop down over the next two weeks or so.

I hope!

We had one more wedding this weekend, and now all the weddings are finished!

Here’s the bump at each of the five weddings!

A&Y, April 2013

N&K, May 2013
(3 parts!)

J&G, June 2013

L&S, Aug 2013

L&A, Aug 2013

I think the moral of that one is that you can’t always see the bump from the front!

Manx Bump


The bump has been away!

This year (you may have noticed) is pretty full of weddings. And Hen Parties. And Christenings etc etc. Which is excellent and lovely, but doesn’t leave much space for a proper pre-baby holiday. So we had a trip to see family on the Isle of Man at the weekend for our gorgeous niece’s christening. It’s hard to make the most of time away whilst not doing “too much”. It also doesn’t help that it’s very hard to gauge what “too much” is until it’s over!

Friday our flight was delayed, and I found out how tiring it is to travel whilst pregnant. Even an easy journey like the one we take to the Island. Friday night was very relaxing with early bed, then Saturday the husband and I drove up to the Point of Ayre at the northern most point of the island to my favourite beach on the island. Luckily the weather was good (by Manx standards) and we saw some sunshine and a lot of wind.

Bump on the beach

We did a little shopping in Ramsey (including going into a lovely baby clothes shop where we restrained ourselves!) and then headed to Peel to watch some Viking boat races. They were actually time trials, which were done by over 80 teams getting ever drunker as they waited for their turn. Not much for spectators but we had an ice-cream (most of which was dropped down the bump) and then headed off to spend time with our niece before popping back to base camp for a shower and then out for dinner! Aunty S kindly lent me some maternity clothes, so I wore one lovely dress on our date! (Never mind dropping food all down it- thank you to the gods of Vanish spray as I’ve managed to get all the stains out!!)

(Here wearing a scarf so you couldn’t see the stains and looking absolutely nothing like me).

Sunday was the Christening, so we met my parents for a cuppa at their hotel and then headed to the church. Ceremony was relatively short and sweet, and we found out how easy it is to become godparents! The weather stayed nice and we sat outside all afternoon enjoying a nice buffet and chatting in the sun.

Niece was beautifully behaved all day and seemed to really enjoy all the fuss and cuddles!
Christening day

Now back home and back to work!

25 weeks


Well, 25 weeks tomorrow technically.

Today I’m a bit frustrated as I had my midwife appointment booked in. I turned up to find that the doctors receptionist had booked me in for 3rd July rather than June. They seemed to think that I should know this as the midwife is apparently only in our surgery on Wednesdays, so there was no way it could have been today. However, I knew the appointment needed to be at 24 ish weeks which was actually last week and this was the first date she gave me that I could do! We’ve got me booked in for next Wednedsay, but I am a bit annoyed. I’ve requested my MatB1 form which I need for work (supposed to go to them at 25 weeks I think) and will now be 2 weeks late, and for a letter as we are flying the weekend after next and the airlines can be quite fussy and worried about pregnant people and flying!

We enjoyed a brilliant wedding of close friends at the weekend. The pregnancy somewhat took over:
– I sobbed through my reading
– My breasts have apparently decided to grow and took over all photos of me
– I am still recovering from a late night and a little dancing 2 days later……

Luckily it was gorgeous outside yesterday so I didn’t do too much, though I found myself laughing and crying hysterically last night which was pretty exhausting!

And this is what the bump-o-doom now looks like! I’ve still got ages to go…… how big can I get?

Oh my word.



To take my mind of the evil that is acid reflux, I’m utterly chuffed that I finally managed to get a video of the alien moving inside my tummy baby kicking. And it’s a stunner!

Sadly wordpress doesn’t support iframe videos, but I will try to upload to youtube and link from there if I can. Meanwhile, click the link for a video!

That’s not a kick, it’s a star jump!

(also, ouch)

How to dress it


The good news:

Maternity fashion (kindof) exists.
Even *cheap* maternity fashion exists too!

I’ve been lucky enough that some good friends of mine lent me a couple of bags of matenity wear, so I’m sorted for work. But I’ve got a lot of weddings to go to this year. And I plan to look my best (no matter how huge, heaving, swollen or sweating I am). Maybe I should have started looking a bit sooner for maternity party dresses for the weddings, but I think I have been pretty successful so far (thanks to TKMAXX, New Look and not caring if I look fat!!).

I also share clothing with friends so when we do wardrobe clearouts, we get the first rifle through each others cast-offs bound for the charity shop to get a little more life out of them yet. Kindly G did a clearout recently and found a few bump-suitable things to come my way (thanks!).

Maternity clothes seem like they should be easy to find. Many women spend a part of their life pregnant (even if it is just 9 months), but sadly most highstreet shops now do not sell maternity wear in store. This includes Next and M&S, and some places have stopped selling it online too. There are of course a number of specialist shops like JojoMamanBebe, Isabella Oliver and the like, but most are way out of any normal human price range!

For every day clothes I’ve found New Look (where I haven’t ever really bought clothes since I was about 16) to be fantastic. Their jeans in particular are a decent length, and the tops fit well too. Today I was on the lookout for something to wear for some of the upcoming weddings, and found that the slim cut fit that seems quite in fashion at the moment plus a generous helping of lycra (and the aforementioned lack of concern about whether I look fat or not) has meant that I found two dresses almost instantly in TKMAXX. Which is a good thing as Windsor was horribly busy today and I was tired from an early start and was desperate to get out. I’m not sure *how* stretchy they are, but hopefully they will last a good 8-10 more weeks of sideways growth.

I was also talking to people about the maternity fashions even 10 years ago- one did not show off and enjoy the bump even in the 1990’s- it was to be covered up. Reminded me of the pictures in my 1970’s St Michaels Babycare manual that mum gave me…..

18 weeks tomorrow


Here we go again on this rollercoaster! It realyy is so strange how time moves. Right now I can’t believe it’s 18 weeks already and I want it to all slow down- Someone asked me the other day how many weeks I was and I said:

“six— no sev— no- almost 18 weeks!

This is how ridiculously large it’s getting:

I just hope the warm weather starts really poking through now as my jackets won’t fit any more soon!

We were lucky enough to pick up even more loely second hand stuff from friends this week! Very grateful for the breast pump (not beastpump as I just typed), steraliser, toys, clothes and car mirror for rear facing seat plus a great sling we grabbed from a friend (and got to hug a lovely dog and play with a gorgeous little girl too!

Biggest achievement this week (last week now) was making my GORGEOUS niece smile via skype playing peekaboo with her!

Hope Auntie S doesn’t mind me posting this:

How cute?! 🙂

Had the 16 week midwife appt last week too. Baby fine, my bloods all fine (though I’m Rhesus negative) and babies heartbeat most excellent. Baby D does also NOT appreciate being poked by the dopplar, and wriggles and kicks like mad. Still can’t *really* feel it yet, the odd bubble but nothing more. Lets hope soon I will start to feel the squirming!

Been on the whole much less nauseous and much more active which has been hard but fun. Even tried out my new maternity swimsuit last week!

What’s going on?


It’s April.

I have reached 16 weeks pregnancy (which feels like a cheat as I skipped forwards a week).

That’s 4 months.

After last week’s wonderful donation (lend) of maternity clothes, I have bought a few extra items. This includes a pair of proper skinny jeans (though I’m not sure they’ve seen any denim), a dress for a family function and a couple of tops for work. It was nice to go and try some maternity clothes on, knowing vaguely what might fit well. Annoyingly, I’m a bit stuck for jumpers etc at the moment. Most my smarter work jumpers and cardies are slim fit and ride up giving me cold bits, and my big chunky jumpers which are perfect for this too-cold weather aren’t really office-suitable.

On top of that, we had a great Easter with friends (with lots of children). I baked (successfully- I was even complimented by a 7 year old on my baking skills “You said you were rubbish at making cakes but these are all really nice!”)

(spot the easter egg explosion….)

And then we had the pleasure of taking home a large number of baby items, kindly donated by the lovely Tamsin! We now have a moses basket (no stand), a car seat, a play mat, lots of tiny clothes, a number of re-useable nappies and more to come! Very exciting!

We spent much of East Monday sorting out the spare rooms (we had computer room/ study and a spare room seperately, they have now been amalgamed together and we now have a baby-room-to-be). Lots of moving furniture, though I let the husband do the Lions share of this (didn’t stop me hurting the next day!) and working out how things are going to be.

It’s by no means ready, but is starting to shape up!