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Baby shower!


I’m not sure how I feel generally about the concept of a baby shower in the traditional (American) sense, however a friend of mine wanted to organise one for me. We decided together (with Mr Bumpy) that it would be more of a summer garden party- some kind of last hurrah before baby arrives.

Turns out, it was great fun! Over the course of the day about 40 people came in and out to celebrate baby D’s imminent arrival, to drink leftover champagne from Miss Rainstorms wedding (thank you!!), and eat cake!



Three of us


Maternity leave days 2 & 3 & 4


And a weekend away!

One of the bits of advice we decided to take from friends was “get away for a last hurrah holiday before the baby arrives”. Sound advice we thought! So this weekend was spent celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary and a last weekend away for just the two of us. We went to Nutfield Priory Hotel and Spa in Surrey which was wonderful. Swanky setting, lovely cuisine, great service and a spa day on Sunday to chill us out. It was just what we both needed- having not really had a holiday this year (visits to family and weekends away to weddings and hen do’s don’t count!).
Us at Nutfield

We got back on the Bank Holiday Monday which was nice too!

Day 2 of Maternity leave I met some nice ladies from Mumsnet for a cuppa and cake, and I did a little shopping (and exploring local bus routes I’ve not used before). Also took a bit of time to do some general tidying and sorting which needed doing. Day 3 involved more tidying and sorting (lots to do), a vet trip and a midwife visit and then picking blackberries with a friend. Day 4 is today and I’ve had a bit of a slow start as I’m not feeling my best today. I’ve had a bit of a sore throat for a few days and been feeling very dehydrated. I’m off now to meet a yoga mummy friend who had her baby 4 weeks ago!

We’re having our baby shower at the weekend (which to be fair is more of a get together with friends) and I’m really looking forwards to it. Just need to do some planning and some tidying! We have wine and a vague list of food to buy but not much else! I need to get onto it this afternoon!