Mastitis. Sounds like some kind of made  up disease to put even the keenest of mothers-to-be off the concept of breastfeeding! Lying here in my second bath of the day, rattling with antibiotics and painkillers and the associated squirmy tummy to go with,  I don’t feel like a very happy chappy.

I’ve had blocked ducts before-a searing pain deep in the breast, red lumpy patches and feeling crap. Remedied by hot baths, massage, feeding from the painful side,  expressing,  “dangle feeds”(not advisable the day after a hefty workout) have all helped in the past but this is the first time I’ve felt like passing out with the pain and dizziness.  Blimey I’ve been blindsided by this one.

I spent the  morning in tears on the sofa. My toddler seems to know that I need him to feed more often and he’s more than happy to comply,  however his general “gymnurstics” and wiggling have led to most feeds ending in me crying. Turns out my racking sobs sound a bit like laughing and baby boy was very amused, giggling away whilst my tears fell on his head.

I really thought I could do this today though but after a mile walk to the shops and back I had to lie down which didn’t bode well. I rang 111 who were helpful and said I needed an appointment today so I waited for a call back from the doctors.  They summoned me in immediately (out of my bath) and I rather pathetically drove the half mile incapable of feeling I could walk it. 3 minute appointment later I had a prescription and by waiting in the pharmacy looking horrible I think my prescription got bumped to the front of the queue.

My little boy has been so lovely today. Luckily daddy was working at home this morning and then booked the afternoon off so he was able to give me a break or two when I needed. And baby D played really nicely with his toy cars most of the day. Hoping to squeeze a third lot of antibiotics in before bed in the hope I’ll wake up feeling better. I’ve got complicated catering to do for my family and want to enjoy their company!

Today I’ve been grateful for my husband,  my kind friends (even when I canceled on them last minute), the ladies on the “Breastfeeding older babies” Facebook group, my doctor and pharmacist, and the wonderful people behind the Kelly Mom website.

Knowing about antibiotic resistance had made me hesitant though. I’m always careful to finish a course of antibiotics as prescribed and would never request them if I didn’t think I needed them. But the thought of antibiotic resistance makes me nervous for the future. What will happen in years to come when as antibiotics become less effective? What happened in the past before antibiotics were invented? http://www.nhs.uk/NHSEngland/ARC/Pages/AboutARC.aspx

Weirdly,  knowing everything that I do about breastfeeding-the challenges in the early days, teething,  marmite boobs after breakfast, sleep problems, blocked ducts and all I wouldn’t change this relationship for anything.


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  1. I had mastitis twice when I was nursing. The first time was when my daughter was only 3 weeks old & my husband was away. It landed me in the hospital for 3 days with a high fever & bad infection. I had blocked duct issues constantly. I massaged & heated them. I pumped to keep them clear, but I had many issues. I still persevered & managed to eek of a years worth of nursing before I dried up. It was tough & you are right the nurses are very little help unless you call yelling at you & making you feel inadequate helpful, but I would do it again and again even knowing how difficult it was.

    • Twice? Ouch! We are at 15 months of feeding with no plans to stop for now. My doctor was really helpful though thankfully. I’m in the UK though and I think although support for breastfeeding is pretty woeful I think it may be better than America? The antibiotics have worked so fast that I feel better-flu symptoms etc all gone but still a very sore boob. I can’t massage the blockage out and can only get baby to feed from that side when he is sleepy!

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