51 weeks


Having had my WordPress app lose three of my posts last week I’m quite nervous about writing another one!

Yesterday signified the last day of my maternity leave. Well, technically I returned to work at the end of July and have been on leave since then but I return to work in just 36 hours.

What have I done with the last 51 weeks? I’ve spent a lot of time pinned to the sofa breastfeeding it with a sleeping baby on me.

We’ve been to 4 doctors appointments, seen the midwife and health visitors about 15 times, been to five breastfeeding clinics and attended about 55 baby group sessions.

I’ve dragged Robin to about 35 buggy fit sessions, visited countless friends and hosted and attended coffee mornings. We’ve watched Robin grow and develop- gaining 13lb in weight and blazing through the clothes sizes up to 12-18 months now.

He’s learnt to smile, clap, burble, found his hands and then his feet. He’s learnt to sit, hold things, roll,pick things up, laugh, stick out his tongue. He can pull himself up, cruise, bumshuffle, wave, copy sounds, stroke the cat. And now he can stand unaided and walk by himself!

I’ve eaten a lot of cake and biscuits, trawled the Internet, cried,  missed out of hours and hours of sleep, doubted myself, Co slept, been bitten, had cuddles.

I’ve walked 978 miles (the majority of which pushing the buggy it carrying baby in a sling) , cycled 115 and run 49!

We’ve reached our 5 year wedding anniversary, and almost ten years together,  we’ve argued and cried and cuddled. I’ve taken photos and videos, made a scrap book, written him a song and a book, painted him a mural.

I’ve given him as much of myself as I can over the last almost-year and I’m going to miss his company terribly.

I am only going back part time to paid employment so I’m hoping to strike a great balance between being a mummy and being a person in my own right.  Might be wishful thinking and I’m sure to be busy and tired and confused. But these are the decisions we make.


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