So is an amazing American website with lots of useful info about breastfeeding- from information about medicines you can trave whilst breastfeeding to advice and discussion. I follow them on Facebook and recently they asked “what products helped you keep breastfeeding”. Reading through th he answers was really interesting and although some of then clearly weren’t products per se, it was good to see what helped others keep going.

I stated thinking about what and who helped me keep breastfeeding when times were tough.
1. My own utter determination that there was only one option and we would get the hang of breastfeeding. If anything ever in my life, I am proud that I did this and that I persevered.
2. My husband for his unwavering support and understanding that this wasn’t up for discussion.
3. The midwives, health visitors and breastfeeding clinics who helped with the technical and emotional side of things
4. The interwebs- for its wealth and breadth of information and the ability to link up with women in similar situations all over the world.
5. The breast pump for helping me at least try to offer a bottle and for relieving pressure when required.
6. TV, online TV, love film and Facebook. Where would I be without you? My enough hands or braincells to read fit the first six months I needed easy entertainment
7. Nipple shells (no, not shields but shells). Someone told me about these and they saved my nipples! I’m allergic to lanolin so hadn’t bought any Nipple cream. The shells collect any excess leaking milk whilst airing your Nipple. … Very clever. I did eventually find, buy, use and lose Earth Mama Angel Nipple Butter which was great too (good lip balm also)
8. Malt loaf. How many kilos I got through I dread to think but it was great. Yum yum.
9. Decent maternity leave from work. Dear America, 8  unpaid weeks does not constitute maternity leave! 52 weeks, 33 of them paid to a degree. …. that is maternity leave.



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