So its been a while since I mentioned riding my bike. Probably about 4 days before baby D was born….

Which was a long time ago now. I’ve been out a few times where convenient but this week things took off. Monday was daddy day and after a walk and some chores I realised I could slip out for 90mins mountain biking! It was exhilarating, exhausting and me-time which I’ve been severely lacking of course. On top of that it gave me the impetus to finally order a bike seat for the boy.

We did a lot of research when baby was small, most of which we forgot by the time we came to buy. We decided to go for something sturdy that we knew we could fit onto all our different bicycles. It wad a hard decision but we went for a rear mounted Hamax Caress.

I won’t bother writing a long review as we found this one On Total Women’s Cycling very useful, and although it’s expensive it’s great! We spent a long time trying to get it fitted correctly but it feels very secure and baby looks very comfy in it. It has extra helmet space, really secure foot straps and it reclines!

We took it for a gentle spin at the weekend and the freedom was wonderful. Of course it helps rather that I live next to a beautiful forest that I can reach by cycle paths…




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