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9 month review


Today was baby D’s “9” month review with the hv team. At 10.5 months! I believe they’re a little behind at our children’s centre.

Lucky it was a health visitor  that I had met before and know to be very nice and friendly so that was good. The review went well though they’d like to follow up on his communication skills in a month or so as although he is forming lots of sounds, he isn’t really using them to communicate with us yet really. Nothing to stress about just to maybe keep an eye on. I’ll definitely try more during the day to get him communicating more. He can definitely say “mama” and “dada” but not with any regularity and not to either of us.

Baby was tired as the appt was booked for 11:30 which is at least vaguely nap time. He cried a bit, had a feed and then had a 6 minute power nap. Unsurprisingly he is > 2hr into his afternoon nap. I *may* have joined him for an hour. It was luscious!

We did discuss hours sleeping but as we have an appt with thedoctor next week to discuss silent reflux, the health visitor said she’d try to help if the doctor doesn’t find anything.

Speaking of sleep. …. It’s not going so well. The last three nights we have had 7,5 and 7 wake ups respectively.  The heat hasn’t helped, neither has inconsiderate neighbours (both the ones that have been arguing and the kids who finished school and apart to have spent the might screaming in the park. …. All night). We are trying to get  daddy to settle him rather than just feeding him back to sleep. I’ve got 7 weeks before I return to work and I’m not looking forwards to working without sleep. 




Baby is getting really mobile. He cruises around the furniture like crazy-at speed with absolute reckless abandon and entire lack of a sense of danger. Makes me think what a bad design babies are. Their mobility skills develop at such an alarming pace that their cognitive understanding cannot keep up. They don’t understand their environment, have an entire lack of fear and have no understanding of the consequences of their actions.

He’s yet to fully work out crawling despite quite clearly having the skills required and the strength. He figured rolling the day before he turned ten months old. He can also do what I term to be the caterpillar move but on his back when required, usually when getting away from nappy changes.

Falls are daily. Sometimes he bangs his head or wrenches his arm a little. Sometimes he cries and sometimes he is oblivious. But each day he gets faster and stronger. I predicted he’d crawl this week but he’s not yet played ball but I wonder how long before he will walk unaided? Under two months until his first birthday so we will see!

The development is fascinating to watch and just so fast.

(Doesn’t always end well. … No babies were hurt in the capturing of this photograph! )



So its been a while since I mentioned riding my bike. Probably about 4 days before baby D was born….

Which was a long time ago now. I’ve been out a few times where convenient but this week things took off. Monday was daddy day and after a walk and some chores I realised I could slip out for 90mins mountain biking! It was exhilarating, exhausting and me-time which I’ve been severely lacking of course. On top of that it gave me the impetus to finally order a bike seat for the boy.

We did a lot of research when baby was small, most of which we forgot by the time we came to buy. We decided to go for something sturdy that we knew we could fit onto all our different bicycles. It wad a hard decision but we went for a rear mounted Hamax Caress.

I won’t bother writing a long review as we found this one On Total Women’s Cycling very useful, and although it’s expensive it’s great! We spent a long time trying to get it fitted correctly but it feels very secure and baby looks very comfy in it. It has extra helmet space, really secure foot straps and it reclines!

We took it for a gentle spin at the weekend and the freedom was wonderful. Of course it helps rather that I live next to a beautiful forest that I can reach by cycle paths…