It was a stressful week! We went on our first proper holiday with just the three of us-stayed at a beautiful Landmark Trust property in Bedford in the middle of the forest.

On the last  night we noticed what looked like some insect bites on baby’s leg. The next morning the spots had spread and looked like chicken pox. By lunch time it had turned into a huge angry red rash with huge welts across his head, ears, neck, armpits, sides, nappy area and legs. Once I got through our doctors complicated triage system we got an appointment for the afternoon.

Turns out its hives. An allergic reaction to *something* (Pine wood? It was mentioned on the info sheet from the dr.). Could be a one off and we might never know but I can’t wait for it to go away as it’s so itchy for him.

On Tuesday


On Wednesday.

He has antihistamines to try to reduce the itchiness and we bathed him in camomile tea last night! Poor baby 😦


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