Relaxed mummy?


I’m a relatively chilled out person on the whole though of course I do worry about some things. I just try to be rational and realistic about thing.

So when baby D developed his first rash at 17 wks old, I didn’t panic. It started around his mouth and bottom so I assumed it was related to teething (which is a whole other story) but kept an eye on it. He was healthy and happy otherwise so I wasn’t too worried. The next day the rash spread until it was all over his body. We took his temperature which was fine and eventually rang the nhs 111 help line. They were helpful and reassuring-no temp and an otherwise healthy baby suggests a small allergic reaction to *something* or maybe a viral rash. Not to worry unless he developed a temperature or it got worse, and with an absence of high temp thru would be fine to go ahead with his planned 16wk jabs the next day.

At the dr surgery, the nurse was a bit concerned and didn’t want to do his jabs in case any reaction was masked by the rash. She called the doctor in to examine baby and he decided it “probably wasn’t measles” but wanted to call the paediatric doctor to check.  They decided he was ok but didn’t do his jabs so they are now booked in for tomorrow.

That was a teeny roller coaster right there. But the weird thing was- I think I did the right thing in the circumstances but I did get comments from other people who seemed to think I should have done more …. or more specifically that I should have worried more! With an absence of a high temperature, I’m not sure what else I could have done! Good news is that is all gone now and we survived!



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