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Of sleep and development and stuff


Baby D is changing every day, and it’s exhausting for us all!

After a relatively successful 8 week injections, the 12 week ones did not go down so well. I don’t know if it’s the addition of the meningitis jab, or a different reaction to the rotavirus- or even the combination of the injections and another growth and developmental leap…. but it was pretty awful.

Baby is learning about his hands at the moment, which is great fun to watch. He likes to suck his left fist enthusiastically (sometimes when he is hungry, and I have to move it out the way so he can feed!), and can hold things now too (though he’s not always aware he is doing it).

Sleep is an ongoing issue. He has proved out of the blue that he is entirely capable of sleeping, but it’s quite hit and miss, and so we’ve had some terrible weeks. Week 12 has been pretty un-fun, but he finally rewarded our patience with a lovely night last night sleeping from 11pm until 6am!

His head and neck control is very impressive, as are his legs which kick like mad, especially if there’s a chance they might make the toys on his play mat jangle.

We’ve been attending baby massage with him which is a bit hit or miss- sometimes he likes it and sometimes he doesn’t- but this is his last week this week. We try to do it at home after bath time, in front of the electric fire so he stays nice and warm and relaxed.

3 months feels like a huge milestone and I’m so pleased that we’ve made it this far as a family without too much stress and shouting!



Coming up to three months


The last few weeks have been a blur. It’s amazing how much baby has changed and developed.

He has become much more independent in terms of how he spends his waking hours- enjoying spending time on the play mat, able to be left on the bed to coo at the light patterns on the ceiling  or even better some nappy- free kickabout time lying on the changing mat.

His feeding and nappies have also changed-much less regular feeding and less cluster feeding. Also the feeds are more efficient and so he spends less time at the breast. Despite our best efforts, numerous teats and tears he will not take a bottle. Not interested, refuses to latch or suck…. the best he will manage is chewing in the teat whilst crying, ensuring a drip feed which enables us to get a maximum of an ounce into him over twenty minutes or so before he gets too angry. More successful has been cup-feeding, which is messy but he hates it less. None of this helped by the fact that I appear have an issue with the lipase in my refrigerated breast milk which means it tastes bad really quickly.  As his gut matures we are also getting less dirty nappies (although they tend to be explosive when they happen).

Sleep has been interesting. He really wasn’t a good sleeper at all, often not going more than 90 min without waking for a feed. Around week ten he suddenly slept from midnight until seven am one night. Since then his sleep patterns have been much improved on the whole.  We know there’s a good chance it will regress again so we are not getting to excited but we also don’t believe in “jinxing” it by mentioning it! We want to celebrate the positive as well as complaining when things aren’t so good. 

Tonight hasn’t been a great one, hence writing a blog post at half six in the morning! First stretch was good-from when until three, but I’ve been up ever since. Lucky I know how little sleep I can function on from previous experience a few weeks ago!

Off now for my fourth attempt to put him down since three. …


One day old to eleven weeks!