6 week low


Baby will be 7 weeks old tomorrow and we have reached the hardest bit of parenting so far. After most feeds he is ridiculously windy, grumpy and uncomfortable. In particular the night feeds, combined with cluster feeding for between 4 and thirteen hours in the afternoon and evening, it had been very trying!

Not entirety sure what is causing this but Google and friends’ experiences tell me that it’s likely to be an unholy combination of Reflux and a six week growth spurt. We need a diagnosis and prescription for baby gaviscon of that is the case, so I’ll have to cask the doctors tomorrow and see if I can get an appointment.

Upshot of all that is that today I had to cancel plans with a friend after a shocking nights sleep (lack thereof) and that read really rubbish. I hope not to have to do that again.

This week is half term so we have lots of plans with friends. Let’s hope I get enough sleep and an able to do stuff.


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