Gender stereotyping


Someone linked me to this This is something I feel very strongly about-gender stereotyping from a young age. We had so interest in finding out if baby D was to be a boy or girl because we were just so excited about having a baby. The gender made no major difference to us-we had no plans to prepare specifically for either gender.

The only difference we had in mind was to be the name of the baby.

I was surprised how many friends offered us second hand clothes-but only when they knew whether our baby was to be a boy or a girl. I was also surprised by gender specific cards, wrapping paper and presents. This is not to suggest we were ungrateful for any  presents or hand me downs!

Our baby may be a boy. He is to grow up in a household where his mother likely works part time and does much of the childcare and his father works full time and is the main bread winner. This is just how it is in our house hold and I’m not proud of it. If they’re was a financially viable way of this not being the case then we would seriously consider it.

However, he will not grow up wearing only Blue clothes with cars and trucks on. He will not grow up being given only cars and guns and ‘boys’ toys to play with. He will not be encouraged to only get involved with ‘boys’ activities like football.  If he wants to do ballet  and play with dolls, so be it!

We hope he may share some interests with us-cycling, walking. We hope he might be artistic or sporty but we will not limit him to gender specific expectations.

This week he wore a dress and tights!

And quite a few second hand and present Halloween outfits!



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