I was hoping my 100 th post was going to be ground breaking, exciting and positive, but no such luck other than the general positivity I can find generally in life.

Last night was bad. To give you a picture how bad-today is the first day since we left hospital almost 6 weeks ago that I didn’t get dressed. (I got up, showered and our on clean clothes but bottom half was pajamas). I had to cheer myself up with blue cheese and port after lunch and a g&t and chocolate buttons in the bath this evening. Baby has slept almost all day as he wore himself out last night by his incessant rage-filled crying.

We have the in laws staying, and yesterday we all met up with my parents for lunch. After lunch we went for a Lovey Autumnal walk in Virginia Water. About half way around, baby started crying. After that, he didn’t really stop  until about midnight. He has never cried so inconsolably for so long, with so much apparent blind rage (though it is unfair to attribute adult emotions to his little baby brain). It was very scary and hideously stressful.

Husband coped admirably by getting dressed and taking baby for a late night walk and then later taking baby downstairs for a cuddle to settle him so I could recover my composure and hey a little rest. Post 1 am he was quite settled and fed every 2 hours but went down ok after a feed.

Our worst night yet-almost 7 hours of screaming that not even putting him to the breast could fix (the usual cure-all) and me finally being tipped over and getting upset too.

Today it’s like nothing happened!

He is also learning to smile… which is much better news.



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