Childrens centres


Week 3 today!

Today I’m feeling a bit frustrated about Children’s centres. We have quite a few where I live, and I was delighted to find out that there are two within easy walking distance of my house (about half a mile).

The Rowans is closer, and technically that is the one I should be registered at. However, my antenatal class was at The Oaks, and they send us lots of information about their events and schedules. There was an open afternoon at The Oaks last week which I went along to. Everyone was very nice but I had been hoping that there would be more other mums and babies there (I think I was the only one). The staff also said that really The Rowans is my local centre so I should be attending sessions there. I filled in a registration form and I’ve emailed The Rowans to try to find out more about their sessions but no luck so far. Some of the sessions (the ones I want to do!) you have to book onto in advance- baby massage (to help with the colic esp), paediatric first aid and mums and baby yoga.

What’s more annoying is that out of all the sessions they run, I’d really like to attend a Bumps and Babies group. I planned to do this before baby arrived but ran out of time. Having looked, the Bump and Babies groups are not held at the Childrens Centres but elsewhere. One of them is too far to walk (and I don’t have the car every day) and the other one looks do-able if I can work out where it is! They don’t like to make things easy! Thankfully facebook has made things easier as I’ve found a group page for the specific Mother and Baby Group and for the other childrens centre too so hopefully I’ll hear more about upcoming events and sessions.


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