O Hai!


Sorry I’ve been a but quiet…I had a baby!

8 days early baby D arrived in a bit of a hurry! On the whole it has been a really positive experience for which I am massively grateful. We are of course very shell-shocked as it really is something quite all encompassing and intense.

A brief rundown of the birth story:

9 am Monday 9 th Sept my waters went! I called Mr Bumpy back from work and called the hospital who told me to come in. They said I’d likely be sent home so not to bring all our stuff in but we already had much of it in the car so chucked the rest in anyway. Contractions started at ten am and by the time we got to the hospital at about midday, they were coming every 3 to 4 minutes but weren’t too strong and lasting about thirty seconds. The midwife got us into maternity triage, checked my waters and discussed  going home for a bit. I mentioned that I wasn’t too keen as genetics suggest that once I got going things might be quite quick.

We headed off to the canteen to grab lunch (slow going and someone gave us a wheelchair! ). I couldn’t eat and the contractions got worse and longer. When we got back to see the midwife she was quite shocked at how quickly things had progressed and on examination found that I was 7cm dilated at 1 pm.

I was hurried straight to the pool room (Yes!!) whilst Mr Bumpy grabbed all our things from the car. At 3.35 our gorgeous boy was born in the pool. It was magical and horrific and wonderful and crazy. The gas and air was brilliant and got me through it and also got me a little bit high! There was a point at which the midwives had to suggest gently that I moved the mask away from my face when I wasn’t having a contraction….

We were opting for a natural third stage but had some issues. Eventually they got me out of the pool and had to go for managed third stage with the injection and some massage/ pulling to try to get the placenta to deliver. This didn’t work either and I was losing blood and starting to feel very faint.  The next bit is hazy but there was a crash team of 14 staff in the room in the blink of an eye and they needed to get me to theatre for a spinal block to remove my retained placenta. I’d just like to say how amazing the NHS is. I really got my money’s worth! Must have been very stressful for Mr Bumpy- in a small, hot room, left holding the baby watching his wife being rushed out to theatre after bleeding out all over the room. To his credit, he got himself removed from the room when he wasn’t feeling very good to ensure he wasn’t a further casualty, and the head midwife even made him tea and toast!

By seven I was back with my husband and baby and by about ten we were moved onto a ward with 5 other beds. Husband had to go home so I spent my first ever night in hospital.

There’s obviously much more to tell, but I’m a little tired(!) So will try to keep this updated when I can.

The birth was every contradiction you can imagine, every emotion and every physical sensation you could dream of. It’s been described a million different ways by millions of people so I can’t compete with that. However, it was ours and he is ours!



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