Carpal Tunnel


So onto the next fun pregnancy symptom!

I’ve been waking up with pins and needles in my fingers every morning for the past few weeks. Over the last week or so, I’ve been finding my knuckle joints really stiff and painful when I first get up in the morning. It takes ages for me to be able to use my hands in the morning.

Apparently in Pregnancy, carpal tunnel in quite normal due to the increased blood flow and swelling in the hands. Of all the things I expected, this was not one of them!

My hands are so swollen in the heat, especially when I exercise. I can’t easily keep my hands raised when I walk or cycle so they tend to throb and swell. My rings already came off, my replacement (larger) ring also came off (which I’m gutted about as I hate not being able to wear my wedding rings) and my feet are following suit (but luckily I don’t wear any rings on my toes!)

During exercise

Fatty feet


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  1. I feel for you!! I had the same thing for the last 10 weeks of my pregnancy. I could barely sleep at night, and I would wake up in the worst pain of my life from my shoulder to the tip of my ring finger. It went away right after I had my son, but my finger is still numb after 6 months!!

    • Ouch! I’m glad it’s not extended that far (yet!). I find that I can’t grab the duvet to pull it up in the middle of the night at the moment.
      I took a sneaky look at your blog- your little boy is gorgeous!

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