Crash bang and a late night


This has not been my week.

Wednesday there were train troubles so I was almost very late to a meeting (luckily I always leave lots of time, so even though my journey took me 3.5 hours when it should have taken 2 hours, I was only a little late).

Wednesday evening I had an appointment to go to, but the person I was meeting never showed up due to running out of petrol and not having their phone on/running out of battery.

Thursday evening my aqua-natal teacher didn’t turn up until our class would have finished as she got stuck in awful traffic (though I did have a nice natter and a little swim with the other ladies which was pleasant).

Then Thursday night on the way home from my rescheduled appointment from Wednesday, a nice young chap forgot to stop at the traffic lights and rear-ended my in the car. Brilliant.

The good news is that both I and baby are fine, but due to a number of factors we ended up spending most of the night in hospital on Thursday and going to bed a full 24 hours after I’d got up.

The accident happened at some temporary roadworks. I was about the 4th car back from the lights and as they started to go green, I put the car into gear and just before I started to move I heard the car hit me from behind. Weirdly I seemed to hear it before realising what was happening. I was sure straight away that I was probably ok, but pulled the car over to the side (but had forgotten how to drive, not sure it was in gear) and got out to inspect the damage. Damage, not so bad- rear bumper, lights and wheel arches damaged. Boot door also damaged but we haven’t tried to open it yet in case it won’t open.

The other car didn’t look quite so good- with the bonnet crumpled about half way up, the numberplate pushed inside and as it turns out, the passenger door wouldn’t even open.

To cut a long story shorter (ish), I called the police as I didn’t know what else to do, and took some of the other drivers details (and gave him mine). The police took about 15 minutes to arrive, all the while we were blocking the lane before the traffic lights which made things a bit awkward for other drivers, hence the need to call the police (especially as the other car was certainly not driveable).

The police lady seemed quite keen to get rid of me so she helped me turn around back towards the hospital and I drove to the next safe stopping place to call the husband as he was on his way with my sister (thank you both!).

Got to A&E around 11pm, and it was packed. Got through to triage nurse in about 40 minutes or so and explained what had happened and that a)I’d like to get both me and baby checked out and b)that as I’m a Rhesus negative blood type, I probably needed an antibody injection. She (like the receptionist and police lady) didn’t really seem to know what I meant. I’m not sure where exactly I read or learnt about it, but if you have a negative blood type and encounter a potentially “sensitising event” (which can include abdominal trauma), you may need a top up of the “Anti-D” injection that “…neutralises the D antigen in foetal blood so maternal blood does not detect it and produce antibodies to fight it…”.

Afer a bit of time in A&E, a trip to Major Injuries to wait, be thoroughly checked over and have some blood taken (canula left in *faints*), then a trip up to the ante-natal ward for baby to be monitored and the anti-D to be ordered….. then for the anti-D to accidentally not be ordered properly and an extra wait (still with gross canula in) for the drugs to arrive…….

We were finally discharged from the hospital about 5:15am, and home in bed by 5:45am.

So this isn’t all dull text, have another photo. Not of my canula or me lying flat on my back with a baby monitor on, but of the sunrise we got to watch together. Silver linings guys…..

Edited to add:
Mr Bumpy is wonderful. He remembered to bring my maternity notes (which I needed and forgot to ask him to bring) and a thermos of tea and some cereal bars. What a hero.

Not much fun at all, but luckily all was well with us both and I’m not even suffering any whiplash or other ill effects. We were very lucky. Now for the fun and games or getting the car fixed.


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