Milestones and concessions


I made it to 30 weeks! For some reason this feels like a huge milestone to me.
I think I need to start thinking about hospital bags and birth plans sometime very soon….

With the heat my hands and feet have started to swell up so sadly the wedding and engagement ring have had to come off (but I have a great placeholder thanks to lovely husband). I’d imagine shoes would be quite impossible to put on, but as it’s really sunny and hot, I’m only wearing sandals and flipflops. Not that they flip or flop any more- they are a bit wedged onto my feet!

I also made a big concession today. I got the bus from the train station to work rather than walking. Oxford, where I work, is glorious. In the sun it’s even more beautiful and I really enjoy my 1.7 mile walk each way a couple of times a week to and from the station. However it is getting more and more difficult as I get slower, plus the heat and the swollen feet mean that I have had to give it up at least during the hotter weather. I’m tempted to walk back to the station despite having a bus ticket, but really I think I should get the bus! I hate giving up my freedom and exercise!

In other news, have a photo of me and the cat!



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