23 weeks


So far past half way now- how scary!

I feel like my previous second trimester energy is starting to wane! Dammit! I was enjoying being able to do normal things and get on with life, so I’m worried I’ll have to slow down again now.

After weddings and hen parties and visitors, life does quieten down a little over the next few weeks and I can concentrate on getting baby things ready, staying fit and actually getting my head around antenatal classes and things like that.

I have been a bit annoyed that when I’ve tried to look at NHS info here on my local hospitals website the info is very sketchy. We MUST book onto courses… but there’s no information about how to book!

That’s something to ask the midwife about at my 24 week appointment. There’s some other things too, but I must write them down as I keep forgetting!

I’m getting worried- not about the birth but about not being pregnant! I’m now enjoying it. I love being kicked (even when it hurts and keeps me awake), I love my silly round football-under-the-tshirt bump and the new focus in my life it’s given me. I know the baby will hold the focus though!

This week I got to help a friend with a ridiculously large poohsplosion. Her 4 week old baby Grace, whilst feeding, did three massive huge farts in a row, the third of which turned into what I can only describe as stinky liquid gold which was running out of her nappy and down her white tights! Ooops. I was happy to dive in and help, so I think I earnt my stripes. Poor Grace had to be bathed it was so messy! Poor love, but I hope she slept better having got it all out!


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  1. Poohsplosions in the jumperoo are fun! Definitely earned your stripes – I wouldn’t go near a nappy before S was born but now I just have to get on with it 🙂

    (Sorry I’ve not commented for a while I forgot to read the blog for a few weeks)

    • No worries, I’m wittering on regardless! 🙂

      The nappy incident was just really funny. I saw a look of tired panic on the mummy’s face and ran for paper towels, changing bag, wipes and a peg! 🙂

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