A boring title, my humble apologies!

I think I forgot to post about my 20 week scan- that went well! Sadly the sonographer was not nearly as friendly as the last one. Although I appreciate that they have a hard job to do (measuring and assessing a wriggly baby inside a womans body!) with potentially difficult news to share with the parents-to-be, she was entirely lacking in a single smile for us, making it a very nerve-racking experience.

Baby looked great. I think it was mostly asleep- and was lying head down (making it very hard to measure). It will still wriggling and kicking a little as the sonographer prodded it.

We found out that baby has:
-bigger than average head (noooooooo!)
-bigger than average tummy circumference (hehe)
-shorter than average legs (huh? Mummalicious and Dadmeister General are 5ft 10 and 6ft respectively!)

But having said that it’s exactly on track for a perfect average birth weight, and baby has a further 20 weeks to average out. So I’m now well over half way!

Things I’ve been thinking about:
-Parenting/ Antenatal classes
I’ve decided not to sign up to NCT for a number of reasons including the ridiculous cost (over £250 locally) and the fact that the market research (asking my friends) I did showedt that the only people who felt like they got anything out of it were those who didn’t realy know anyone in the area with children or were quite shy. I’ve been told that as I’m gobby I won’t have any problems in making friends!

I’ve been really ramping this back up whilst I feel able to. I have energy and am physically able to do stuff now, so why not. I went on a long rainy walk (9 miles) last weekend, and I’ve finally managed to find a local Pregnancy Yoga class which is a short cycle from home (I start in June). I’ll hopefully make some mummy to be friends there.

-Work and maternity leave
As I work for a charity, we are only able to offer statutory maternity pay to staff (which I don’t resent… I only resent people who complain about how hard their lives are when they have AMAZING maternity packages). I’ve got to use my holiday and maternity leave cleverly so get the most out of it. Any holidya we don’t use, we are paid for in December’s pay packet, so I intend to use half my remaining holiday for the run up to maternity leave and then I will be paid for any left over which will boost my maternity pay in December.

Having grown again, there is pretty much no way in which I can get away with not looking pregnant! I also really need clothes with a high lycra content or those designed specifically for maternity wear. I’ve been attending (with joy) different parts of a big Asian wedding this week (one more to go) and so far have been eBaying desperately for traditional Asian dress that I can fit a bump into! I’ve had so many lovely compliments, I might wear Asian clothes more regularly! So colourful and comfortable and beautiful!

With Dadmeister General

Photobombed by Crazy Uncle Mo

And just for contrast- here’s something I’ve grown out of!


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