How to dress it


The good news:

Maternity fashion (kindof) exists.
Even *cheap* maternity fashion exists too!

I’ve been lucky enough that some good friends of mine lent me a couple of bags of matenity wear, so I’m sorted for work. But I’ve got a lot of weddings to go to this year. And I plan to look my best (no matter how huge, heaving, swollen or sweating I am). Maybe I should have started looking a bit sooner for maternity party dresses for the weddings, but I think I have been pretty successful so far (thanks to TKMAXX, New Look and not caring if I look fat!!).

I also share clothing with friends so when we do wardrobe clearouts, we get the first rifle through each others cast-offs bound for the charity shop to get a little more life out of them yet. Kindly G did a clearout recently and found a few bump-suitable things to come my way (thanks!).

Maternity clothes seem like they should be easy to find. Many women spend a part of their life pregnant (even if it is just 9 months), but sadly most highstreet shops now do not sell maternity wear in store. This includes Next and M&S, and some places have stopped selling it online too. There are of course a number of specialist shops like JojoMamanBebe, Isabella Oliver and the like, but most are way out of any normal human price range!

For every day clothes I’ve found New Look (where I haven’t ever really bought clothes since I was about 16) to be fantastic. Their jeans in particular are a decent length, and the tops fit well too. Today I was on the lookout for something to wear for some of the upcoming weddings, and found that the slim cut fit that seems quite in fashion at the moment plus a generous helping of lycra (and the aforementioned lack of concern about whether I look fat or not) has meant that I found two dresses almost instantly in TKMAXX. Which is a good thing as Windsor was horribly busy today and I was tired from an early start and was desperate to get out. I’m not sure *how* stretchy they are, but hopefully they will last a good 8-10 more weeks of sideways growth.

I was also talking to people about the maternity fashions even 10 years ago- one did not show off and enjoy the bump even in the 1990’s- it was to be covered up. Reminded me of the pictures in my 1970’s St Michaels Babycare manual that mum gave me…..


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  1. I find myself looking at clothes in Peacocks quite a lot before realising they are in the maternity section, fairly reasonable price if you can find something you like.

    • I had a look in there today having read this. Our local one sadly only has a very small maternity section and I couldn’t find anything without about 80% viscose in it! Boo!

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