I’ve been trying to feel baby movements for weeks now. At 13 ish weeks, I felt some really strange movements, like fish in my tummy, but then nothing. Maybe the tiniest bit of something that felt like a bit of wind (not unlikely!!) but really nothing. Then on Monday, something changed. I’ve heard that the position of the placenta can cushion the feelings of movements, so maybe mine was sitting low and front, but moved over the weekend.

On a train journey home from Birmingham on Monday baby started kicking me and hasn’t really stopped since. Husband has been trying to feel them all week but not really been all that sure, but after being very patient on Weds night, he thought he felt something. Thursday night, baby really started going mad- and kicked me so hard I gasped! Got husband to have a feel and he got firmly kicked too!

So we’re trying to work out… is baby going to be:
a)cyclist like mummy and daddy (mamalicious and dadmeister general)

b)runner like aunty S

c)karate expert of ballet dancer like aunty L



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