Thankyou Mister Bumpy!


Thanks Daddy Bump for the previous post… I hope people start being a bit more positive soon!

Luckily I’ve been ok so far, but I must admit avoiding conversations with the “competitive mum” types. You can spot them pretty quickly amongst a group of acquaintances. The two obvious ones were those who (whilst I was in my first trimester and being very sick, having just started some antihistamine medication) crowed “HA! You think you’re tired now….”,. Bitterness and bitchiness are ugly traits in men or women.

So 19 weeks today with mango baby- one more week and we’re at half way! Blimey. I genuinely can’t believe how round I’m getting, but luckily (through healthy eating, exercise, being healthy to start with and no doubt some luck), the bump is the only place that’s got fatter so far. In the evenings, I feel so full I could pop!

Here’s a contrast to the last photo- the day after we went for our bike ride (if you excuse my mental hair), this is what the bump really looks like:

Almost 19 weeks


Next week is scan week, my next physiotherapy appointment for my dodgy shoulder and then wedding season starts in earnest.

I’ve really struggled to find outfits for weddings so far. I’m naturally a warm person, now incubating too. I need nice, comfy maternity dresses which look flashy enough for some of the very posh weddings we’re going to this summer (including visits to the Grand Connaught Rooms in Covent Garden AND the Dorchester!). Unfortunately I am not made of money, so finding outfits has been really hard work. I am by no means in the clear but have a few options now (including some traditionsl indian dress) which will hopefully see me through without me collapsing into a sweaty puddle or wearing something innapropriate for the setting.


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