18 weeks tomorrow


Here we go again on this rollercoaster! It realyy is so strange how time moves. Right now I can’t believe it’s 18 weeks already and I want it to all slow down- Someone asked me the other day how many weeks I was and I said:

“six— no sev— no- almost 18 weeks!

This is how ridiculously large it’s getting:

I just hope the warm weather starts really poking through now as my jackets won’t fit any more soon!

We were lucky enough to pick up even more loely second hand stuff from friends this week! Very grateful for the breast pump (not beastpump as I just typed), steraliser, toys, clothes and car mirror for rear facing seat plus a great sling we grabbed from a friend (and got to hug a lovely dog and play with a gorgeous little girl too!

Biggest achievement this week (last week now) was making my GORGEOUS niece smile via skype playing peekaboo with her!

Hope Auntie S doesn’t mind me posting this:

How cute?! πŸ™‚

Had the 16 week midwife appt last week too. Baby fine, my bloods all fine (though I’m Rhesus negative) and babies heartbeat most excellent. Baby D does also NOT appreciate being poked by the dopplar, and wriggles and kicks like mad. Still can’t *really* feel it yet, the odd bubble but nothing more. Lets hope soon I will start to feel the squirming!

Been on the whole much less nauseous and much more active which has been hard but fun. Even tried out my new maternity swimsuit last week!


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  1. Lovely photo, the lighting is so cool πŸ™‚
    Haha yes I had that problem but hopefully it’ll warm up but not too much! I felt pretty warm throughout my whole pregnancy which was a nice change for me!
    Wow that’s great that you’re getting so much second hand stuff and makes things easier when we come to visit.
    Aww it was lovely to Skype the other day and Sophie was loving her Auntie Clare – I’m sure u’ll get some giggles out of her soon especially in person. She has ticklish collar bones, lol! And no don’t find at all!
    Glad the 16 week appointment went well – sounds like a very healthy little one u have there! I bet you can’t wait for the 20 week scan – how exciting and that’s half way! Glad you’re feeling better πŸ™‚

  2. Cheers sis! I know I’ll probably be a furnace by mid summer, but I need my vitamin D, so I need some sunshine! Getting the list of things together for when Sophie visits (I mean you and Sophie!) so hopefully we’ll have most the bits we need! Even got a sling which I think she’ll fit in!

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