Uh oh…..


For some mad reason I’ve been watching “16 and counting”, a programme on channel 4 about families with lots of kids. In all fairness, they’ve not all got 16, but most have 10 or more children, which to most of us seems like a terrifying number of children to have.

The biggest family I know well have 5 children (4 which live together) which always seems like (wonderful) chaos. But Chaos nonetheless.

“16 and counting” is really mad- an insight into the lifestyles and day to day activities involved in having so many children. It made me a bit mad really- one lady who bought all the girls new white socks every day as she was sick of washing and when it was 5 pairs for £2.50, why not? How ridiculous and wasteful 😦 There’s another family that eat out 3-4 days a week and get a takeaway the other night. I have a feeling they were the family with neither parent working, living on benefits. Amazing that they can afford to do that- We certainly couldn’t afford to do that with two incomes. There was another family who said they spent £4,500 on christmas. Yikes.

Real car-crash tv….


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