What’s going on?


It’s April.

I have reached 16 weeks pregnancy (which feels like a cheat as I skipped forwards a week).

That’s 4 months.

After last week’s wonderful donation (lend) of maternity clothes, I have bought a few extra items. This includes a pair of proper skinny jeans (though I’m not sure they’ve seen any denim), a dress for a family function and a couple of tops for work. It was nice to go and try some maternity clothes on, knowing vaguely what might fit well. Annoyingly, I’m a bit stuck for jumpers etc at the moment. Most my smarter work jumpers and cardies are slim fit and ride up giving me cold bits, and my big chunky jumpers which are perfect for this too-cold weather aren’t really office-suitable.

On top of that, we had a great Easter with friends (with lots of children). I baked (successfully- I was even complimented by a 7 year old on my baking skills “You said you were rubbish at making cakes but these are all really nice!”)

(spot the easter egg explosion….)

And then we had the pleasure of taking home a large number of baby items, kindly donated by the lovely Tamsin! We now have a moses basket (no stand), a car seat, a play mat, lots of tiny clothes, a number of re-useable nappies and more to come! Very exciting!

We spent much of East Monday sorting out the spare rooms (we had computer room/ study and a spare room seperately, they have now been amalgamed together and we now have a baby-room-to-be). Lots of moving furniture, though I let the husband do the Lions share of this (didn’t stop me hurting the next day!) and working out how things are going to be.

It’s by no means ready, but is starting to shape up!


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