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How to dress it


The good news:

Maternity fashion (kindof) exists.
Even *cheap* maternity fashion exists too!

I’ve been lucky enough that some good friends of mine lent me a couple of bags of matenity wear, so I’m sorted for work. But I’ve got a lot of weddings to go to this year. And I plan to look my best (no matter how huge, heaving, swollen or sweating I am). Maybe I should have started looking a bit sooner for maternity party dresses for the weddings, but I think I have been pretty successful so far (thanks to TKMAXX, New Look and not caring if I look fat!!).

I also share clothing with friends so when we do wardrobe clearouts, we get the first rifle through each others cast-offs bound for the charity shop to get a little more life out of them yet. Kindly G did a clearout recently and found a few bump-suitable things to come my way (thanks!).

Maternity clothes seem like they should be easy to find. Many women spend a part of their life pregnant (even if it is just 9 months), but sadly most highstreet shops now do not sell maternity wear in store. This includes Next and M&S, and some places have stopped selling it online too. There are of course a number of specialist shops like JojoMamanBebe, Isabella Oliver and the like, but most are way out of any normal human price range!

For every day clothes I’ve found New Look (where I haven’t ever really bought clothes since I was about 16) to be fantastic. Their jeans in particular are a decent length, and the tops fit well too. Today I was on the lookout for something to wear for some of the upcoming weddings, and found that the slim cut fit that seems quite in fashion at the moment plus a generous helping of lycra (and the aforementioned lack of concern about whether I look fat or not) has meant that I found two dresses almost instantly in TKMAXX. Which is a good thing as Windsor was horribly busy today and I was tired from an early start and was desperate to get out. I’m not sure *how* stretchy they are, but hopefully they will last a good 8-10 more weeks of sideways growth.

I was also talking to people about the maternity fashions even 10 years ago- one did not show off and enjoy the bump even in the 1990’s- it was to be covered up. Reminded me of the pictures in my 1970’s St Michaels Babycare manual that mum gave me…..




This week has seen temperatures of about 20 degrees! Hurrah! I absolutely love the sunshine (in sensible bouts, with high factor suncream) and have been desperate to get out in it. I worked from home one day this week and sat in the garden with my laptop for about two hours in the afternoon. I was wearing factor 50, reapplied twice in that time. I’m usually very careful in the sun, so I’m deeply embarrassed to be luminous pink!

I have learnt something new about pregnancy this week- it can include Sun sensitivity!

Pre pregnancy- a week in 35 degree C Greek Sunshine

During pregnancy- two hours in 2 degree C British sunshine

(from here)

Eek. Still sore 3 days later!



I’ve been trying to feel baby movements for weeks now. At 13 ish weeks, I felt some really strange movements, like fish in my tummy, but then nothing. Maybe the tiniest bit of something that felt like a bit of wind (not unlikely!!) but really nothing. Then on Monday, something changed. I’ve heard that the position of the placenta can cushion the feelings of movements, so maybe mine was sitting low and front, but moved over the weekend.

On a train journey home from Birmingham on Monday baby started kicking me and hasn’t really stopped since. Husband has been trying to feel them all week but not really been all that sure, but after being very patient on Weds night, he thought he felt something. Thursday night, baby really started going mad- and kicked me so hard I gasped! Got husband to have a feel and he got firmly kicked too!

So we’re trying to work out… is baby going to be:
a)cyclist like mummy and daddy (mamalicious and dadmeister general)

b)runner like aunty S

c)karate expert of ballet dancer like aunty L


Thankyou Mister Bumpy!


Thanks Daddy Bump for the previous post… I hope people start being a bit more positive soon!

Luckily I’ve been ok so far, but I must admit avoiding conversations with the “competitive mum” types. You can spot them pretty quickly amongst a group of acquaintances. The two obvious ones were those who (whilst I was in my first trimester and being very sick, having just started some antihistamine medication) crowed “HA! You think you’re tired now….”,. Bitterness and bitchiness are ugly traits in men or women.

So 19 weeks today with mango baby- one more week and we’re at half way! Blimey. I genuinely can’t believe how round I’m getting, but luckily (through healthy eating, exercise, being healthy to start with and no doubt some luck), the bump is the only place that’s got fatter so far. In the evenings, I feel so full I could pop!

Here’s a contrast to the last photo- the day after we went for our bike ride (if you excuse my mental hair), this is what the bump really looks like:

Almost 19 weeks


Next week is scan week, my next physiotherapy appointment for my dodgy shoulder and then wedding season starts in earnest.

I’ve really struggled to find outfits for weddings so far. I’m naturally a warm person, now incubating too. I need nice, comfy maternity dresses which look flashy enough for some of the very posh weddings we’re going to this summer (including visits to the Grand Connaught Rooms in Covent Garden AND the Dorchester!). Unfortunately I am not made of money, so finding outfits has been really hard work. I am by no means in the clear but have a few options now (including some traditionsl indian dress) which will hopefully see me through without me collapsing into a sweaty puddle or wearing something innapropriate for the setting.

Your life is over.


Discovering that we were pregnant was such a exciting, joyous sensation. In some ways it still doesn’t seem real as right now – for me at least – very little has changed.  I’m doing more around the house, but fundamentally life continues as before just with the occasional exciting trip to the Doctor or hospital for routine (to them!) checkups. Overall, I feel good but there is one thing that I have been struggling with and that’s other people’s comments. I don’t know if C has been getting these, or if it’s a man thing but people seem to take great pleasure in telling me that I don’t know what I’ve let myself in for, I’ll have no money and that my life is basically over. This view point seems predicated on the basis that I don’t know anyone that’s ever had a child. For the last few years people have often commented that we’re very busy people. We certainly did our best to experience life but now that we’re (can I say that? is C pregnant? if so what am I?) expecting people seem to take great joy in telling us how little we’ll be able to do. Meals out are a thing of the past, no more cinema trips and give up on ever seeing anyone every again. Neither of us are naive enough to assume there will be no changes.

Links like this get posted.

I’m sure there will be days where I’m tired and ache to the core, when I’m at the end of my tether because our child just won’t shut up, but all I want is for guys to admit that there are good times too.

Although I said it was all guys that’s not true. It’s mostly people I don’t know so well / work this. Maybe it’s because it’s not cool (even amongst geeks) to admit that having a child is brilliant. Which it must be otherwise I’m fairly certain more people won’t bother.

I need to work on my coping technique which is mostly getting angry at people which isn’t sensible. I’m thinking about suggesting that the guys that suggest it that if it’s so horrid they give up their children. Maybe that’ll cause them to think again? I doubt it. I don’t want to avoid talking about this whole life changing event, but if it saves me having to deal with stupid comments I’ll refrain from mentioning it at work. Why should I have to do this?

I have had one nice conversation with a friend though. He was upfront about the hard times like when he was so tired his bones ached, but also that at the same time he said it was the most joyous experience he had. All I want is reality from these guys, to talk about the posatives and not just the negatives.

Although unlike my friend I won’t be dealing with the late night feeds by taking speed.

Vitamin D and finger prints!


One of the first things I did on finding out I was pregnant, was to find myself an app. I’m not really a phone-y person, but obviously the stuff our mobiles can now do is pretty astonishing. Especially if you think about the very first computers and what they were capable of. However, I’ve never really been an “I’ve got an app for that” kind of person, but like practical apps (mapping usually) rather than games. I got the I’m Expecting app which had good reviews and was free.

It gives you week by week updates about your baby-to-be including tips for the mother, information about what might be happening to your body, how your baby is developing and the main source of amusement (as mentioned in this post) as it’s measured in hillarious middle class fruit and veg.

Week 16 was Avocado, Week 17 was an Onion and week 18 has been Bell Pepper. Next week- we’re mango!

The other thing that blows me away is that it talks a little about what the baby is specifically developing that week. And this week, our baby is becoming an individual! He or she is growing fingerprint whorls this week! I’m stunned by that concept. I am not sure why!

This week we’ve seen some slightly nicer weather, and I’ve been out enjoying it where possible. This included getting my tummy out at a train platform whilst slumped on a seat in the sun on Friday! Baby needs vitamin D to regulate calcium and phosphate in the body to help bones and teeth to develop.

Saturday we went for a nice long bike ride on quiet back roads through stunning Berkshire countryside. We managed just under 24 miles total, and when we got back I fell asleep in the sunshine in the garden. I feel a bit tight and itchy today but that sunshine was needed 🙂

You’d never know I was 18 weeks pregnant (almost 19!) from this picture!

18 weeks tomorrow


Here we go again on this rollercoaster! It realyy is so strange how time moves. Right now I can’t believe it’s 18 weeks already and I want it to all slow down- Someone asked me the other day how many weeks I was and I said:

“six— no sev— no- almost 18 weeks!

This is how ridiculously large it’s getting:

I just hope the warm weather starts really poking through now as my jackets won’t fit any more soon!

We were lucky enough to pick up even more loely second hand stuff from friends this week! Very grateful for the breast pump (not beastpump as I just typed), steraliser, toys, clothes and car mirror for rear facing seat plus a great sling we grabbed from a friend (and got to hug a lovely dog and play with a gorgeous little girl too!

Biggest achievement this week (last week now) was making my GORGEOUS niece smile via skype playing peekaboo with her!

Hope Auntie S doesn’t mind me posting this:

How cute?! 🙂

Had the 16 week midwife appt last week too. Baby fine, my bloods all fine (though I’m Rhesus negative) and babies heartbeat most excellent. Baby D does also NOT appreciate being poked by the dopplar, and wriggles and kicks like mad. Still can’t *really* feel it yet, the odd bubble but nothing more. Lets hope soon I will start to feel the squirming!

Been on the whole much less nauseous and much more active which has been hard but fun. Even tried out my new maternity swimsuit last week!

Uh oh…..


For some mad reason I’ve been watching “16 and counting”, a programme on channel 4 about families with lots of kids. In all fairness, they’ve not all got 16, but most have 10 or more children, which to most of us seems like a terrifying number of children to have.

The biggest family I know well have 5 children (4 which live together) which always seems like (wonderful) chaos. But Chaos nonetheless.

“16 and counting” is really mad- an insight into the lifestyles and day to day activities involved in having so many children. It made me a bit mad really- one lady who bought all the girls new white socks every day as she was sick of washing and when it was 5 pairs for £2.50, why not? How ridiculous and wasteful 😦 There’s another family that eat out 3-4 days a week and get a takeaway the other night. I have a feeling they were the family with neither parent working, living on benefits. Amazing that they can afford to do that- We certainly couldn’t afford to do that with two incomes. There was another family who said they spent £4,500 on christmas. Yikes.

Real car-crash tv….

What’s going on?


It’s April.

I have reached 16 weeks pregnancy (which feels like a cheat as I skipped forwards a week).

That’s 4 months.

After last week’s wonderful donation (lend) of maternity clothes, I have bought a few extra items. This includes a pair of proper skinny jeans (though I’m not sure they’ve seen any denim), a dress for a family function and a couple of tops for work. It was nice to go and try some maternity clothes on, knowing vaguely what might fit well. Annoyingly, I’m a bit stuck for jumpers etc at the moment. Most my smarter work jumpers and cardies are slim fit and ride up giving me cold bits, and my big chunky jumpers which are perfect for this too-cold weather aren’t really office-suitable.

On top of that, we had a great Easter with friends (with lots of children). I baked (successfully- I was even complimented by a 7 year old on my baking skills “You said you were rubbish at making cakes but these are all really nice!”)

(spot the easter egg explosion….)

And then we had the pleasure of taking home a large number of baby items, kindly donated by the lovely Tamsin! We now have a moses basket (no stand), a car seat, a play mat, lots of tiny clothes, a number of re-useable nappies and more to come! Very exciting!

We spent much of East Monday sorting out the spare rooms (we had computer room/ study and a spare room seperately, they have now been amalgamed together and we now have a baby-room-to-be). Lots of moving furniture, though I let the husband do the Lions share of this (didn’t stop me hurting the next day!) and working out how things are going to be.

It’s by no means ready, but is starting to shape up!