Scaring me now


Another blog post to be written from bed……the shame! But to be fair I have actually achieved some things this weekend so all can be forgiven… right?

Saturday we had a lazy start to the day, and watched some telly, skyped some relatives then cracked on with some housework. I think the downstairs now looks presentable to guests. Which is a good thing really as we decided a bit last minute to see if some friends that we hadn’t seen for ages were around (they were) so we invited them over to dinner. We’d already decided to blast some cobwebs away so walked up to sainsburys and back whilst mentally concocting an interesting vegetarian dinner and desert.

Had a lovely evening with friends eating olive bread dipped in cherry balsamic, roasted mediterranean veg with home made harissa paste, couscous and salad, topped off with a home made pear and almond cake (nice one husband).

Sunday we managed to clear up the carnage from saturday night’s cooking experiments, then Husband went for a run and I decided to join him on the bicycle. It was snowing.

When we got back I decided I had the energy to trim the front hedge, but I only managed half before wimping out as I was so cold.

Since then I have gone back to bed to watch a film, and browse the internet.

Today mumsnet has been scaring me with “houserules”- a chat thread in which people discuss the rules of their house. Obviously most of these women or people have children already so it’s understandable they have a few more rules than we do. Most people seem to count wearing shoes in the house a crime, letting pets into bedrooms an utter sin, and NOT EATING AT A TABLE AS A FAMILY the end of humanity. I let the cat have the best bit of the bed (usually about half our king size), wear shoes where I like (I’ll be vacuuming) unless they’re really muddy, and although we eat good home made food, we tend to eat it in front of the telly. Whoops. We’re heathens.

Who could deny him the best bit of the bed?

What are a sensible list of houserules?


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  1. I have to confess I like shoes to be taken off in our house – I think it’s a habit thing also our pavements are terrible here for dog poo and I fear bringing that into the house! This is a particular thing that I rant about at the min – it’s hard to see it when u are pushing a pram and then getting it off the wheels of the pram is not fun. I am blatantly just a big worrier – I used to love snuggling in bed with gypsy but the fear of toxoplasmosis when I was pregnant and then fear of a cat suffocating baby was just to much for me! I started eating at the table when I was late into my pregnancy as it was to uncomfortable otherwise with my massive bump!

    • Oooh dog pooh is horrible! It helps that we have laminate floors downstairs, as otherwise it would get on the carpet. It’s quite clean here thank goodness. I don’t really like wearing slippers- I’m yet to find a comfy pair I can actually climb the stairs in, so that doesn’t help…. ans when its cold I get cold feet!

      I definitely think about toxoplasmosis, but it sounds like it’s actually quite hard tog et (As in you very rarely hear about it in anyone, pregnant or not) and S is doing the litter tray.

      I had some superb unsolicited advice from a smug parent type yesterday about how we need routine and if we have routine our baby will sleep like a dream (as their baby does)… whilst taking the mickey out of a colleague whose baby doesn’t sleep. Because clearly it’s as easy as that! I don’t even have a routine!!!

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