Long time, no update!


So the world now know my our exciting news! Reactions have been ovrwhelmingly positive, including many offers of second hand babythings and sympathy for the sickness!

Since telling everyone, we had a pretty busy weekend of seeing people, then I back to the grindstone.

Monday was a washout as there were some serious delays on the trains, and I spent a freezing (literally) hour standing (not many seats at my local station) waiting for my train to leave. It had arrived, but refused to open the doors, let us on into the warm and then leave! I had a bit of a fuzzy funny fainty turn to had to call my lovely husband to pick me up and take me home. Not very successful but I hope to be able to claim the full fare back!

The rest of the week has been pretty busy so far, but I did manage to go for a swim on Monday for the first time since getting pregnant! I only had a short time to squeeze it in as the boys were playing squash but I managed half a km without feeling too ill.

I’ve done lots of walking so far today so I hope I’m managing to stay healthy 🙂

14 weeks now, and time is starting to pass at a normalish pace.


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