One of my new talents as a mum-2-be is making amazing old-man groaning noises when I have to do anything! Standing up, sitting down, moving something… they all result in an annoying amusing noise of some variety.

In part this is caused by being careful with my body. We all know how to lift things properly, but whether we follow that through on a daily basis or not is another matter. So I’m making extra effort to do things “properly” where possible.

The other part of it is caused by the baby- which is starting to give me a bit of discomfort and grief the last few weeks. The worst is usually going from sitting to standing, whereupon I get a deep stretching uncomfortable feeling (“pain” would be a slight exaggeration) across my tummy (as someone else described it- in a “smile shape under my belly button”), or sometimes up the side of my tummy from leg-crease to ribs. It’s a very strange feeling, and it does take your breath away a little but stretching pains like this seem to be normal so I’m not worrying.

After seeing how active the little bugger was on the scan yesterday, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s learning to kickbox or trampoline in there!

And before anyone says it, I’ll save them the hassle “If you think this is bad, wait til XX weeks……”.

(Edit: I’ve just ordered my Baby on Board tube badge too!)

Not that I expect everyone to vacate seats on seeing it, but I hope people might be a bit sympathetic to me!


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