Time Traveller!


Today was Scan Day (which clearly needs capitalisation as it’s so important!).

Luckily we’re one of the parts of the country not affected at all by snow (the wind has blown down most structures in the area, and snow did fall but mostly upwards in crazy swirly vortexes and never settled!), so getting to the hospital was easy. I’m also a “regular” at the hospital following an injury last year so at least it feels a bit like home!

We went in really quickly, and the sonographer was brilliant. Really friendly, and clearly very good at what he does. There was no peering at the fuzzy grey screen as he poked around with the device (name unknown– sonograph?!) at my full bladder, his first touch his baby-gold…. the face! Baby was face down, so he ran the “device” along the length of the baby to show us heartbeat (phew), body, legs….. and then as he pressed on baby, it jumped up in the air and flipped over! So we got a great show from each side, face, body, arms, fingers, spine, front, back, legs toes– the works. It really is quite something, and I will put a picture on here at some point. I couldn’t believe the difference between 7 weeks and 12- it’s gone from an 11mm blob to a 58mm (what they call Crown to Rump- head to bottom!) fully formed baby. It really is just…. amazing. You really do feel like the only pregnant woman in the world when you see that first real scan!

The good news was low nuchal fold measurements (one of the things they measure to calculate the risk of Downs Syndrome) and due to the size, I’ve also been bumped along a week- hence the title of this post!

It’s strange, you imagine you’ll be pregnant for 9 months, which sounds like a really long time. Then you realise that this is measured from your last period, so you’re actually pregnant for 8months 2 weeks. But then by the time you find out, you’re only knowing you’re pregnant for 8 months (or less in some cases!). And now I’ve been bumped forwards a week, I’m going to “know” I’m pregnant for 7 months 3 weeks. Having said that, I’m obviously aware that first babies are not exactly known for turning up on time…. so who knows!

On top of all that I’ve felt inspired enough to cook a nice “celebratory” dinner and we might have made another huge life decision today too…….



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