This was my first full week back at work and boy has it been hard. Apart from work and sleep I’m not sure I’ve achieved anything. Actually, having said that we’ve just about chosen a new kitchen and I spent 3 1/2 hours shaking a tin outside tescos for Marie Curie this morning… So not a total loss!

I can feel my belly starting to expand (pizza or baby?)  And am starting to feel more confident with 12wks looming now.

It’s amazing how many annoying little side effects come with pregnancy, most too base and indecent to mention on here and all (so far) utterly unpleasant!

Luckily I’m not naive enough to pin all my hopes on the second trimester including things like blooming or looking radiant, having glossy hair and beautiful skin…. having bundles of energy and all that. If it happens, Bring It On… But I’d give all that to not feel sick. To be able to have enough energy to attend aquanatal and pregnancy yoga on top of a full week of work and to maybe not crawl into bed at every given opportunity!

I’m also desperate to find the creativity and energy to start a proper pregnancy photography project (PPPP we can call it!). I love photography and do a lot of self portrait work (when I go public with The News I will no doubt display some here!) but have struggled to research and experiment with bump (or bump to be) pictures with my lack of energy and focus.


Have a picture of some bits of kitchens……

I’ve made a puny start, but plan to try much harder as the weeks go on and I grow ever rounder!


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