Repeating myself…..


This week has been a little stressful- with the delirium of managing to get through the week coupled with the crippling tiredness of nausea and vomiting, plus managing a whole (ok almost whole) week at work has been very confusing.

Apart from the scary miscarriage poster, I had a small scare about a pregnant friend who had a fall (think she’s ok- I bet she had more of a scare than I did, but you feel so helpless!), still no scan date and the dubious fun of arranging a repeat prescription.

I work in another town (leave home 7am, get home 7pm kind of thing) so I’m unable to fill in repeat prescription form at the surgery during opening hours, or even pick one up and post it another time. My husband also works in another town and is out mostly during the opening hours of my surgery. I’m the kind of numpty who lost the bit of paper with the repeat prescription on from the last lot, so I can’t fill in and post through the dr surgery door.

My drs won’t take over the phone prescription renewals, but they did say on their website that I could do it by email, which I have attempted to do, but there’s no reply from them to confirm that they’ve received and/or processed it.

I had to send my husband back from work early on Friday night to pop in to see if it was ready and give full instructions of what to put on the form if the email hadn’t arrived. Thankfully all was good, save the usual snotty rude receptionist who treated my husband like he’d asked for a blow job rather than to pick up my prescription!

 photo pills_zpsa9084bdf.jpg

And what are we doing at the moment? Trying to choose a new kitchen. As that’s not stressful at all!

We’ve been to most the usual cheaper places (Homebase, B&Q, Wickes) and a few of the more expensive (Magnet, Optiplan online) and think we’ve made a decision (ish). There’s so much to think about- layout, units (top and bottom) appliances (which to replace, which to keep), worktops, lighting, sinks, taps, handles, clever corner magic swirly pully-outy-things, discounts….. There’s A Man coming on Monday, and hopefully he will have some good ideas about the planning and dimensions. But I guess with baby on the way, we’ll not have any more money than we do now (having almost recovered from replacing our car just over 2 years ago, the wedding 3 years ago and buying the house 4 years ago)……

But it’s still a lot of money.

And it’s very scary.

"A woman's place is in the kitchen" MKII
(Forgot this picture existed!)

And last of all- I haven’t received my scan date. Now I love mumsnet (hello September thread buddies reading this!), but as my baby is due near the end of the month, most of the people on my thread are 1-3 weeks ahead of me, progress wise. And on top of that, it seems my area has a slightly weird way of doing things. Apparently in Surrey, you don’t get sent your scan date in the post until you’re 12 weeks pregnant, and it’s booked in for week 13. Whereas it’s to my understanding that you usually receive a scan date 1 week after your booking in appt (which we had at 8weeks +5days) for around weeks 11-13 ish. So all my chat-thread-buddies have all either a) had their scan already or b)have a date for a scan.

I feel a bit behind as I’d like to have my scan date- but also because I am now back at work and I am getting very booked up, so I’d like to be able to plan ahead. Husband is also busy and will need to take half a day or so off for the scan!


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