Feeling rubbish/ Going away


I bravely went back to work this week. It was ok. Nothing better than that. But I did survive three whole days- Monday working at home to catch up with staff and emails, Tuesday in East Sussex visiting new staff and Wednesday in Crawley at a meeting. I survived, I wasn’t sick on any of the trains and I now have two days off.

Today has been lovely (seeing friends) and horrific (constantly retching all afternoon). My brain decided this morning that the bread was “off” so I didn’t eat breakfast. Instead I at a few custard creams and drank tea with friends which was utterly lovely (and got to cuddle a very handsome baby who shares my birthday). Weirdly my baby is due on aforementioned handsome baby’s cousin’s birthday!

This afternoon I am packing for a weekend away (how do people do this with just handluggage?! It is impossible!) and enjoying some reminiscing about old friends.

I am also craving fish fingers. Never mind putting them in a sandwich, I’m just gonna eat them.


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