Fit fat or fin?


It’s amazing the difference that a few weeks of reduced exercise makes to the body. Genuinely fascinating!

Lets look at the numbers (I’m a graphs and tables kinda gal):

w/c 24th Dec:
5 hours 17 minutes exercise

w/c 31st Dec:
9hrs 15min exercise

w/c 7th Jan:
7hrs 11min exercise

(found out I was pregnant on 13th Jan)
w/c 14th Jan:
9hrs 34 mins exercise

(started feeling sick this week)
w/c 21st Jan:
5hrs 13min exercise

(sick leave started this week)
w/c 28th Jan:
1hr 11 mins exercise

w/c 4th Feb:
2hr 13mins exercise

w/c 11th Feb:
3hrs 16 mins exercise

So my average has severely dipped! Obviously this has combined with the sickness and my muscle mass has reduced quickly alongside quick weightloss. And on top of that apparently between a 1/4 and a 1/3 of my blood flow is now going to my uterus, meaning my body has to work extra hard to get oxygen and blood to the rest of my body, especially when exercising! I feel so unfit- my walking pace has almost halved and I get out of breath going up a slight incline!



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