Tuesdays Child


Today has taught me not to take this NVP lightly, and never take a few good days for granted.

This morning had me retching bile for about 15 minutes out of the blue before I’d even got dressed. Nofair.

I did manage two pancakes (which I ate with home made stewed apples, lemon and sugar- surely a classic combination?) and some cheese and ham with a bit of bread. Only 600 calories or so, but could be considered a meal? I covered most the food groups (cheese, ham, carbs….)

My latest amusement is that my… well…. uterus is starting to stick out! And it’s much lower than I thought it would be. Every time for the last “XXXX” years of my life that I’ve looked in the mirror and though “cor I look a bit pregnant” has been because there’s a little extra fat around my tummy button, or just below it. But now, the bulge is definitely “below the belt”, and it’s fascinating! I wonder if it’s more pronounced because of the weight I have lost over the last 3 weeks or so?

ION, be careful what you wish google for…..

Ok, so raspberry foetus isn’t that big yet, but you get the picture. Maybe a little too literally?

Also, I’ve been erroneously calling the magic bundle of cells a “foetus” because I didn’t yet want to call it a “baby” for the last few weeks, but my secondary school biology lessons have failed me! I think it might be referred to as a blastocyst (?) which sounds horrible! Or maybe it’s a foetus but not an embryo yet? Anyone know the answer?!

This week I found out that the magic-bundle-of-cells will experience the following:

– now resembles a human
– facial features continue to develop
– beginnings of external genitalia form
– anal passage opens, but the rectal membrane is intact
– circulation through the umbilical cord is well developed
– long bones begin to form

Now there’s something to think about……


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