Finding the energy


Oh I’ve found it very hard to find the energy and inclination to post the last few days.
The end of the week seemed to drag out forever- I was starting to feel a little tiny bit better, and on my walk to the doctors on Friday to fill in a renewal form for my sick note, I walked a long way back, got some fresh air and felt ok. Not great, but ok (which was a vast improvement).

In turn I felt a bit silly for asking for a sick note renewal when I was just starting to feel a bit more human, but thought it was worth the buffer if I needed it.

This weekend was the lovely husbands birthday, and we’d made a quiet low key plan with a few friends. Plan was carried out successfully, and quietly and included watching rugby and eating crisps on the whole (with a little champagne and cake for later). We were in bed just after 11pm, feeling pretty tired but I was just grateful to have seen some actual other human beings. I really struggled to get to sleep, despite being exhausted and having taken my (drowsy) medication, so it took a frustrating 2 hours or so until I slept. Sunday and me did not get on. After sleeping in untl after 11am, I went back to bed at two (after 3 hours of lying on the sofa) to watch the rugby and sleep. I got up at 6pm, forced down some leftover takeaway (cold) and had a bath and went back to bed. It was the most awful horrible day ever. I was exhausted, nauseous and tearful, incapable of anything (including getting dressed or choosing food).

The only good thing to come out of that horrible day was the realisation that I’m really not quite well enough to go back to work this week. So another week of lying in bed, forcing myself to get up and eat and feeling bad for not being able to help out around the house at all. Great 😦

Luckily now we’ve told a few people, I may have a little company at times this week. It helps the days go quicker.

8 weeks today, baby is the size of a raspberry (last week blueberry, week before a PEA!)!


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