Busy days


It’s been a busy two days in the Bumpytimes household. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’ve had to be in bed until 1pm both Monday and Tuesday- remember it’s all relative.

Monday was the long awaited dr appt to sadly cave in and get some medication for my sickness. I dragged myself the the doctors, resisted from crying my way through the visit (this time) and was prescribed promethazine hydrochloride which is an antihistamine that’s also used to cure nausea and vomiting. I take one tablet in the evening. I’m sure it will kick in soon. Right?

Monday evening we had father-in-law staying over, so took the opportunity to use skype and contact mother-in-law and my sister-in-law to tell them the news. Everyone very excited and supportive, luckily sister-in-law was also pretty ill so very understanding. (not lucky for her obviously).

Tuesday we went for our sneaky cheeky early scan at a lovely place called Berkshire Independent Scanning. There’s definitely a tiny blob-baby in there with a fiercely strong heartbeat and it’s looking perfect size etc as epxected for 7 weeks. It was a bit of a mission for me to get there, but I made it- trains and all. The place was lovely- discreet, friendly and (sorry to steal this phrase from a friend) all using their “spa” voices! It was quick and painless (except extreme pressure on a bladder full of water) and just very super exciting for us both. In the evening my parents came over and we blew them away with the news! First grandchild-to-be for them 🙂

I knew that mum had been quite sick when she was pregnant with me, and again the upside of that is she totally understands exactly how I feel and has been there. She was actually hospitalised with severe HG at 7 weeks (where I am now) so I am lucky that I’ve managed to keep some nutrients and liquid down! It’s so important to have people who really understand around you, though I am suspecting my mother is or at least was actually superwoman as she refused medication. I managed to avoid medication for a whole 2 weeks!

It’s amazing how it feels to tell people and let a little weight off- with the sickness the pressure was gettingg too much. People were worried about me (rightly so) and we’re just trying to fight fire slightly.

I will say though- my friends and my husband are utterly amazing and I’m a lucky little puppy!

day7-Heart shaped leaf


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