Funny…. For you!


I’d like to give you a mentall image to set you up for the day. Ok, so half the day is gone, but that’s half the point.

Today I stayed in bed until 1pm which felt like what I needed. I had got up at about ten to grab some toast, but had eaten it in bed with a grumpy cat pouncing on my tummy as I tried to clear the crumbs from inside my pajamas top.

At one, I made the gargantuan effort required to go and get dressed. I had to try my leggings three times to get them the right way around (like a usb stick) which was a bad start, bit when I got half way into my jumper, I suddenly started retching. Loudly. In my panic I tried to run to the bathroom with my jumper over my head, whilst retching.

Enjoy that. I didn’t!


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