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Survived, aftermath


Looks like I survived an exhausting ladies weekend away!

I should always travel with doctors- I was very well looked after and the conversation was fascinating at all times.

I have returned 0.2kg up (Italian focaccia and thick hot chocolate to thank for that) and having spent an entire three days with some nausea but NO VOMITING! I think I got back so late last night that I forgot to take my medicine, and subsequently was sick this morning. Well there’s a longer story than that but it really is a step too far to share.

Wonderful husband cleaned the house top to bottom whilst I was away, though the fridge is bare so we’re getting a takeaway tonight. Baby will be pleased.

We’re onto kumquat this week and finally reached double figures. 10 weeks!

My pregnancy app reminded me that I am 1/4 of the way through now- how terrifying is that? And how did it happen so fast?

And how is September so far away still?


Feeling rubbish/ Going away


I bravely went back to work this week. It was ok. Nothing better than that. But I did survive three whole days- Monday working at home to catch up with staff and emails, Tuesday in East Sussex visiting new staff and Wednesday in Crawley at a meeting. I survived, I wasn’t sick on any of the trains and I now have two days off.

Today has been lovely (seeing friends) and horrific (constantly retching all afternoon). My brain decided this morning that the bread was “off” so I didn’t eat breakfast. Instead I at a few custard creams and drank tea with friends which was utterly lovely (and got to cuddle a very handsome baby who shares my birthday). Weirdly my baby is due on aforementioned handsome baby’s cousin’s birthday!

This afternoon I am packing for a weekend away (how do people do this with just handluggage?! It is impossible!) and enjoying some reminiscing about old friends.

I am also craving fish fingers. Never mind putting them in a sandwich, I’m just gonna eat them.

Fit fat or fin?


It’s amazing the difference that a few weeks of reduced exercise makes to the body. Genuinely fascinating!

Lets look at the numbers (I’m a graphs and tables kinda gal):

w/c 24th Dec:
5 hours 17 minutes exercise

w/c 31st Dec:
9hrs 15min exercise

w/c 7th Jan:
7hrs 11min exercise

(found out I was pregnant on 13th Jan)
w/c 14th Jan:
9hrs 34 mins exercise

(started feeling sick this week)
w/c 21st Jan:
5hrs 13min exercise

(sick leave started this week)
w/c 28th Jan:
1hr 11 mins exercise

w/c 4th Feb:
2hr 13mins exercise

w/c 11th Feb:
3hrs 16 mins exercise

So my average has severely dipped! Obviously this has combined with the sickness and my muscle mass has reduced quickly alongside quick weightloss. And on top of that apparently between a 1/4 and a 1/3 of my blood flow is now going to my uterus, meaning my body has to work extra hard to get oxygen and blood to the rest of my body, especially when exercising! I feel so unfit- my walking pace has almost halved and I get out of breath going up a slight incline!


Don’t blame it on sunshine!


I would like to link to an utterly ridiculous article from July 2010 stating “Pregnant women ‘must take vitamin D supplements'”.

Here’s a thought- how about going outside into the gorgeous sunshine when it does come out? Like today?

(not from today)

/me goes out in the sun again!



Finally had my booking in appointment. In fact, just imagine I say “finally” in front of anything that happens in my life from now on, until the sickness leaves me as life is just crawling along at such a snails pace! I suppose this is supposed to be time with which to get used to the concept of being pregnant, so maybe time is conveniantly slowing just for us to readjust…?

More likely is that lying on the sofa groaning does not pass time swiftly…

When you want it
goes away too fast
Times you hate it
always seem to last

So the booking in appointment was a positive experience. Midwife seems nice (if a little scatty which makes her feel human) but very firm. She was also an ANGEL with my blood tests. I hate them at the best of times (last time I had one, as a student I cried before my name was called to see the nurse and I had to lie down for 20 minutes afterwards for fear of passing out). I was especially not looking forwards to a blood test whilst feeling sick- not a great combination. I think we’ve cracked it to be honest. Keep me talking, slow my breathing and have a light fingered nurse take the blood. Sorted.

I’ve been given a huge amount of information to digest, which I’m going to start reading tomorrow. It all looks good- though having said that I’ve done so much reading of NHS online etc the last few weeks I’m hoping there will be no surprises.

Still having up and down days- brighter moments and less good moments. We did pop out to the pub last night to see some friends (where I of course consumed lemonade!), but when we got ready to leave, we stood around a bit too long in our coats and I started feeling really awful. I retched most the way home, but managed to avoid being sick. Winner.

Today I’ve attempted some baking (which hasn’t gone quite to plan) but so much of the day has gone and I’ve not eaten at the right times or rested enough yet! To the sofa. With toast.

(not my actual baking disaster- thank google for this one!)

Big HG debate


Now I’ve got over Kate Middletons “babymoon”, it’s back to reality. And the big HG debate. Did Kate Middleton actually have HG? Or “just” some severe morning sickness? She’s certainly looking mighty shiny in the sneaked paparazzi pictures, in a way I can’t even imagine feeling (not that I was a Middleton-alike before all this happened). I’ve technically got “just” severe nausea and vomiting in pregnancy (the old NVP) but have good and bad days. On a good day I can eat 1500 calories or so, keep it down and maybe leave the house for 20 minutes or so. On a bad day, I stay in bed for 80% of the day and get up only to wee and be sick, eating less than 800 calories, not that much of it stays down. But because I can keep down liquid and I’m not dehydrated, I’m medically “ok” which means that I don’t have HG. However, my wonderful world of netmums has assured me that by their standards, I have HG. Weird world.

Today is an ok day. I am frustrated by Valentines Day only in as much as those who are shouting the loudest are those without. If they just got on with it, then mentions of V-Day would be scarce! I know I’ve just gone and ruined that by whinging about it myself. We’re having a quiet dinner in tonight- I’ve bought a half-size bottle of champagne for the husband to enjoy and I’m hoping the steak will buoy up my iron supply to prepare me for my booking in appointment which is tomorrow at 9:30 am. I am terrified, mostly due to evil blood tests, which have never been something I excel at. I’m trying extra hard not to stress about it (I am being calm for raspberry-foetus’s sake) but I know tomorrow will just be horrible all over.

Tuesdays Child


Today has taught me not to take this NVP lightly, and never take a few good days for granted.

This morning had me retching bile for about 15 minutes out of the blue before I’d even got dressed. Nofair.

I did manage two pancakes (which I ate with home made stewed apples, lemon and sugar- surely a classic combination?) and some cheese and ham with a bit of bread. Only 600 calories or so, but could be considered a meal? I covered most the food groups (cheese, ham, carbs….)

My latest amusement is that my… well…. uterus is starting to stick out! And it’s much lower than I thought it would be. Every time for the last “XXXX” years of my life that I’ve looked in the mirror and though “cor I look a bit pregnant” has been because there’s a little extra fat around my tummy button, or just below it. But now, the bulge is definitely “below the belt”, and it’s fascinating! I wonder if it’s more pronounced because of the weight I have lost over the last 3 weeks or so?

ION, be careful what you wish google for…..

Ok, so raspberry foetus isn’t that big yet, but you get the picture. Maybe a little too literally?

Also, I’ve been erroneously calling the magic bundle of cells a “foetus” because I didn’t yet want to call it a “baby” for the last few weeks, but my secondary school biology lessons have failed me! I think it might be referred to as a blastocyst (?) which sounds horrible! Or maybe it’s a foetus but not an embryo yet? Anyone know the answer?!

This week I found out that the magic-bundle-of-cells will experience the following:

– now resembles a human
– facial features continue to develop
– beginnings of external genitalia form
– anal passage opens, but the rectal membrane is intact
– circulation through the umbilical cord is well developed
– long bones begin to form

Now there’s something to think about……

Finding the energy


Oh I’ve found it very hard to find the energy and inclination to post the last few days.
The end of the week seemed to drag out forever- I was starting to feel a little tiny bit better, and on my walk to the doctors on Friday to fill in a renewal form for my sick note, I walked a long way back, got some fresh air and felt ok. Not great, but ok (which was a vast improvement).

In turn I felt a bit silly for asking for a sick note renewal when I was just starting to feel a bit more human, but thought it was worth the buffer if I needed it.

This weekend was the lovely husbands birthday, and we’d made a quiet low key plan with a few friends. Plan was carried out successfully, and quietly and included watching rugby and eating crisps on the whole (with a little champagne and cake for later). We were in bed just after 11pm, feeling pretty tired but I was just grateful to have seen some actual other human beings. I really struggled to get to sleep, despite being exhausted and having taken my (drowsy) medication, so it took a frustrating 2 hours or so until I slept. Sunday and me did not get on. After sleeping in untl after 11am, I went back to bed at two (after 3 hours of lying on the sofa) to watch the rugby and sleep. I got up at 6pm, forced down some leftover takeaway (cold) and had a bath and went back to bed. It was the most awful horrible day ever. I was exhausted, nauseous and tearful, incapable of anything (including getting dressed or choosing food).

The only good thing to come out of that horrible day was the realisation that I’m really not quite well enough to go back to work this week. So another week of lying in bed, forcing myself to get up and eat and feeling bad for not being able to help out around the house at all. Great 😦

Luckily now we’ve told a few people, I may have a little company at times this week. It helps the days go quicker.

8 weeks today, baby is the size of a raspberry (last week blueberry, week before a PEA!)!

Busy days


It’s been a busy two days in the Bumpytimes household. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’ve had to be in bed until 1pm both Monday and Tuesday- remember it’s all relative.

Monday was the long awaited dr appt to sadly cave in and get some medication for my sickness. I dragged myself the the doctors, resisted from crying my way through the visit (this time) and was prescribed promethazine hydrochloride which is an antihistamine that’s also used to cure nausea and vomiting. I take one tablet in the evening. I’m sure it will kick in soon. Right?

Monday evening we had father-in-law staying over, so took the opportunity to use skype and contact mother-in-law and my sister-in-law to tell them the news. Everyone very excited and supportive, luckily sister-in-law was also pretty ill so very understanding. (not lucky for her obviously).

Tuesday we went for our sneaky cheeky early scan at a lovely place called Berkshire Independent Scanning. There’s definitely a tiny blob-baby in there with a fiercely strong heartbeat and it’s looking perfect size etc as epxected for 7 weeks. It was a bit of a mission for me to get there, but I made it- trains and all. The place was lovely- discreet, friendly and (sorry to steal this phrase from a friend) all using their “spa” voices! It was quick and painless (except extreme pressure on a bladder full of water) and just very super exciting for us both. In the evening my parents came over and we blew them away with the news! First grandchild-to-be for them 🙂

I knew that mum had been quite sick when she was pregnant with me, and again the upside of that is she totally understands exactly how I feel and has been there. She was actually hospitalised with severe HG at 7 weeks (where I am now) so I am lucky that I’ve managed to keep some nutrients and liquid down! It’s so important to have people who really understand around you, though I am suspecting my mother is or at least was actually superwoman as she refused medication. I managed to avoid medication for a whole 2 weeks!

It’s amazing how it feels to tell people and let a little weight off- with the sickness the pressure was gettingg too much. People were worried about me (rightly so) and we’re just trying to fight fire slightly.

I will say though- my friends and my husband are utterly amazing and I’m a lucky little puppy!

day7-Heart shaped leaf