Net Mums


Net Mums (as I mentioned before) is a great source of knowledge and opinion but there are some things I find really really weird about it.

The first thing that I find weird is the incessant abbreviations. I understand that when typing conversation with strangers on the internet, that people want to make things easier for themselves. I also get that there’s a need for a special secret language to help the feeling of togetherness, but it feels so impersonal! Each current child is described as DC1 or DS (i,e Darling Child #1 or Darling Son) and husbands are described as DH (you see where this is going?) or DP.

The other thing is the fierce competitiveness. I suppose in some ways this isn’t a surprise, because women tend to be a bit erm…. scary in the face of proving that they work the hardest/work the longest/do the most around the house/at home/with children/ get up the earliest/have the most responsibility……

I read a thread last year which was about how often these women did things about the house. The one that terrified me was the woman who claimed that she changed her tea towels three times a day! THREE TIMES A DAY! What the holy hell was she doing with those tea towels? And no-one questioned it.


Please don’t let me turn bonkers when I become a mummy…….


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