Something more fun!


Something we’ve decided to do is take bets on lots of things related to the baby. I did consider for one brief moment trying to handle it like a professional betting shop, but then remembered my terrifying experiences at the horse racing with friends, having to ask how to actually bet and what the odds meant…..

Instead, we’re thinking SWEEPSTAKE– lots of little bets related to the baby and the pregnancy. So far we’ve thought of:

-baby’s gender (we don’t plan to find out)
-baby’s weight
-baby’s birth date
-baby’s name
(we’re keeping quiet)
-Mummy’s tummy circumference
-Mummy’s weight gain
(I’m not sensitive to these things!)

Can you think of any more?

It would be nice to have a whole list of things that people can put 50p or ¬£1 on. The idea would be that each category would be recorded separately and the profits would be split 50:50 with the winner and baby’s first bank account. I think this is a great way of bringing in friends who aren’t so excited about babies (to put it mildly) and hopefully should be fun too unless I put on loads of weight and hate myself!.

Thank you Humour


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